HackerNest Global Tech Social - Uniting Tech & Developer Communities

Use this link to signup - http://hckrn.st/GTSNov2020LST - tickets are $5 until sold out, then $10 / $15 thereafter!

ATTEND FROM ANYWHERE: Tech Socials bring together passionate technologists to chat with like-minded people. Don't miss out, join us to explore different ways of connecting our tech nerd communities!

"HackerNest feels like coming home" - attendees
First timer? Expect this (...but online): https://hckrn.st/TS_Vid (short video)

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE: Folks interested in tech. You'll meet h4ck3rs. Hacks. Designerds. Data scienticians. Hardware engineerds. Developers. Venture ¢apitalist$. Venture communists. Entreprenerds. Killer robots. Sapiophiles. Social mediaphiles. Cloud network architects. Writers. Machine learning cyborgs. Artificially intelligent product managers. Accomplices.

THIS HACKERNEST TECH SOCIAL: ► SpeedMeets: Talk 1-on-1 with other guests, chatroulette style! ↔ ► Breakouts: small, group video chat rooms for hanging out and talking ↔ ► Direct Chats & Calls: Follow-up directly with people for more conversation

►► Finally leave, exhausted from great convos with awesome people!

BREAKOUTS: Tech Socials connect people in a comfortable, relaxed way. Breakout Sessions are small, group video chats that emulate what happens at our live events. Up to 20 people can be live on-camera at a time & anyone can listen in and contribute via text chat. Join the Community Central breakout to start - sometimes featuring lighting-fast SuperConnect* rounds to break the ice or spin-off new sessions. Pop in periodically over the night and see what’s happening!

* SuperConnect: On-camera, each person has 10 seconds to say 3 things: (1) who you are, (2) who you want to meet, and (3) one thing you care about -- it's a ninjafast way to get introduced to everyone.

TECH SOCIALS: The fun way to connect with the -actual- tech community. Down-to-earth and friendly, you show up, make friends, hear from quality people. Easy. We're mostly tech folk, but all nice people are welcome. HackerNest has run 1,200+ events connecting thousands upon thousands of nerds in cities all over the world.

WHAT FOLKS SAY: “Found a job” ↔ “Met my co-founder” ↔ “Met someone I eventually hired” ↔ “Got help to solve my security assignment” ↔ “Met some of my best friends in the industry” ↔ “Got a job! Went on the slide at the Masonic temple!” ↔ “Met unpretentious people who genuinely love what they do” ↔ “It was amazing! Learned a lot from people, and everyone is super friendly!”

PROSPECTIVE SPONSORS: Pick the sponsor ticket appropriate to you - we'll be in touch shortly after. If you have questions, email [email protected] to chat. Sponsoring lets you connect with our community, tell your organization’s story, share your expertise & what you do, offer SWAG, discounts, and other cool stuff, meet talent - and give your team a fun event to look forward to.

ABOUT US: We've been building volunteer-run tech communities through unpretentious social and innovation events since 2011. Stay connected: http://twitter.com/HackerNest - http://fb.me/HackerNest - http://instagram.com/HackerNest

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