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  • HackOnLisk Hackathon

    Join the HackOnLisk hackathon
    ABOUT: Use JavaScript and Lisk SDK 5.1.0 to develop a blockchain application.
    PRIZES: $33,000 in prizes (including LSK, technical support, swag, + more)
    DEADLINE: July 09 at 10:00pm CEST

  • Formula 0001: Rapyd Fintech Grand Prix hackathon

    Join Formula 0001: Rapyd Fintech Grand Prix
    ABOUT: Build a fintech or payments application using the Rapyd Payment Platform.
    PRIZES: $267,000 in prizes (including a Porsche Taycan, an F1 Experience in Abu Dhabi, and the opportunity to bring your idea to life)
    DEADLINE: July 08 at 5:00pm EDT

  • The Square Unboxed Hackathon

    Join The Square Unboxed Hackathon
    ABOUT: Build (or update) apps or snippets using Square’s APIs and SDKs.
    ELIGIBILITY NOTE: Must reside or are incorporated in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Ireland, Japan, or Canada (excluding Quebec). See full rules for details.
    PRIZES: $60,000 in prizes
    DEADLINE: July 12 at 5:00pm EDT

  • The concept of investing is pretty simple. You put money toward an asset that you believe will appreciate over time, with the goal of building wealth via compound interest and bucking the impact of inflation over time. The opportunities when it comes to investing tend to be more complex, though. Beyond investing in the stock market or real estate, emerging investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies or digital assets (e.g. NFTs) are rising in popularity. This session will provide a summary of the various types of investment opportunities and how to think about them as you plan your own mix based on your personal financial goals.

    This event is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice. See Public Disclosures.


    • Key types of investments: how they work, what they mean, and how to think about them
    • Modern stock market investing: what's changed and what are the new opportunities for education available
    • How fintech is changing real estate and angel investing
    • Overview of emerging asset classes like cryptocurrencies and NFTs


    Those interested in following along with the demo can download the free app here and start with a free slice of stock. US residents only, 18+. Subject to account approval.

  • Have you found yourself stressing over a Slack or email from your boss trying to perceive his or her tone? Are you still hung up on a promotion that was given to a colleague over you?

    If you're looking for ways to feel calmer, clearer, and more confident in your career, join us on May 20th to hear from Elizabeth Sandler. Elizabeth led a neuroscience research project on how the brain inhibits our career progress and the hacks that we can use to get our brain to stop fighting us. As a former investment banking and private equity executive, she has first-hand experience with these common roadblocks and today helps executives from all career paths better navigate their careers. She will share real world examples along with actionable hacks and habits that will help you lead a less stressed, and more successful career and life.

  • Amplify in Action for Solidarity

    • Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 06:00 PM
    • Online

    About This Event

    Being a changemaker is more than a label. It’s about the willingness to commit to act and amplify with and for others in pursuit of creating equity! We can start by recognizing the unearned advantages many of us receive, take responsibility, and break the current patterns. We all have an equally important role in this – and by doing so, we help level the playing field by creating more inclusive and fair environments within and out of the workplace.


    • Set the stage with important background information and definitions
    • Explore a framework to better understand what allyship looks like in action
    • Use your voice loudly and proudly to advocate for yourself and the community
    • Make a commitment to take actionable steps to be an effective ally and changemaker
  • About This Class

    The average time recruiters spend reviewing your resume is 6 seconds. Yes, 6 seconds.

    And LinkedIn? 94% of recruiters vet candidates using LinkedIn.

    So, what does this mean for you?

    You need your resume and LinkedIn Profile to be strategically crafted when you’re job hunting or even just networking. Maybe you’re trying to make a transition, explore new opportunities, or just want materials that show who you are and what you’re best at. One thing is for sure — you need a compelling and clear story.

    This workshop is designed to teach you best practices for writing an effective resume and an optimized LinkedIn profile for networking or job hunting.

    General Assembly’s classes, workshops & events are for recreational purposes and are not regulated by the bureau of proprietary school supervision.

    If this class is recorded, students will be sent the recording link within 7 days after class completion by email. Students are encouraged to download and save any shared materials (worksheets, deck if applicable) during class for later reference as they are not be shared by email.


    • Step-by-step process for to analyzing job descriptions

    • Detailed resume breakdown and explanation of each section

    • Strategies to extract and highlight your key achievements, skills, and strengths

    • Advice on how to tailor your materials for different applications

    • Detailed LinkedIn profile breakdown and explanation of each section

    • Tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for recruiter searches

    • Simple templates to get you started


    Please bring 1-3 job description examples you’re interested in, your current resume, and LinkedIn profile.

    • You will need access to a laptop or computer with a working webcam and microphone as well as a strong internet connection.

    • This class will occur completely online using Zoom.

    • Class setup information will be emailed to all students signed up around 24 hours before (and again an hour before) your class launches.

    • Each individual class participant must have purchased a ticket

    About the Instructor

    Shari Santoriello Photo

    Career Specialist and Leadership Coach, Ama La Vida

    Shari Santoriello is a career specialist and leadership coach at ALV Coaching. She is dedicated to helping people reach their next level successfully. Coaching is a result of her favorite parts of a 25+ year marketing and a 15+ year higher education career. Through building relationships, engaging in development, asking the hard questions and supporting professionals, she has enabled many clients to feel both personal and professional growth.

    Working with all levels of professionals from emerging to senior-level leadership across profit and non-profit organizations, Shari's ability to challenge, provide accountability and help set goals reinforce her clients' feeling of value. This approach informs growth within an organization or the ability to pivot and secure a new opportunity.

  • The Women’s Data day is a special morning to dive into Data Science and learn the basics of Machine Learning for free.


    📊 What: Get immersed in the daily life of a Data Scientist through learning Python basics, building your first Machine Learning model, and meeting with women working at the heart of the industry.

    👩‍💻 Who: We encourage people who identify as women to join this event. That being said, everyone is welcome to join!

    🗓️ When: Saturday, June 19, from 10 am to 1 pm

    💻 Where: Le Wagon's virtual classroom

  • Curious how to build your first high bandwidth Media Streaming application on the network edge? In this interactive workshop, learn the fundamentals of 5G Edge and AWS Wavelength and learn how to test your application on a 5G Ultra Wideband-connected device.

  • If you have brilliant social media content ideas but struggle to seal the deal when pitching those concepts to clients or leadership, then this class is for you. We'll discuss the best way to translate visual concepts, how and when to create mock-ups, and how to quantify the return of investment of your social efforts. Come learn how to pitch a social media strategy that converts so that you can land approval from stakeholders!