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  • Begin Your Path with IT Fundamentals (ITF+)

    Learn the basics of information technology (IT) and begin a career in this ever-growing industry.

    Topics include common features and functions of operating systems; network connectivity; identifying usage of common software applications; and security and best practices for web browsing.

    You will also prepare for the CompTIA ITF+ certification, intended for professionals in the field who want a broad understanding or those considering a career in IT.

    Cost of textbook, virtual lab and exam voucher included.

    Sat Oct 24 -Nov 14 (4 sessions/20 hours)

    9:00 am - 2:00 pm A05TIA001A

  • When selling your product, you’ll come across many rejections from customers. However, from learning about why your prospects are saying “no”, you’ll be able to tailor your sales strategy to address those fears to them, or for others in the future.

    To dive into some sales best practices, as well as ways you can turn objections into opportunities, we’re excited to chat with Brian Trautschold, Co-founder & COO of Ambition, a sales management platform that combines sales management and gamification with powerful analytics.

    Ambition is used by top sales teams at companies like Outreach, DocuSign, and Pendo.

    Join us as we dive into

    • How Brian has grown Ambition

    • How their sales process has changed through the years

    • Hiring your first salesperson & growing a sales team

    • Best practices for B2B sales

  • Join our webinar to explore how France and the US do business differently:

    • Understanding a few key French professional values
    • Business etiquette: do’s and don’ts when doing business with French people
    • Hiring French professionals: how to do things right

    🎁 Each participant will have access to a free one-on-one 30min session with the guest speaker to discuss their individual context, in the days following the webinar.

    🎁 Each participant will receive a memo with key takeaways and sources to go further.

    The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session.


    •  Delphine Joubert, expat career coach
    •  An American in Paris - TBC
    •  Isabelle Morin, Global Mobility Expert at Choose Paris Region
    •  Daphne Lora, Senior Manager East Coast USA and Canada at Choose Paris Region (moderator)

    Register here

  • Join Work-Bench on Wednesday, October 28th at 2PM ET for a special keynote presentation from Redpoint Ventures’ Managing Director and SaaS expert Tomasz Tunguz on "The Essential Guide to SaaS Metrics."

    Tomasz will cover the top SaaS metrics founders need to measure in order to understand and optimize their business. In true Tomasz fashion, he'll be sharing templates, statistics, and more concrete takeaways to prepare you for your next board meeting.

    We will also feature an enterprise startup demo from DeVaris Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of Meroxa. Meroxa automates the grunt work of data engineering and enables self service so engineers can focus on delivering data-driven customer features.

  • Applications for Techstars NYC 2020 are open now! Hear from Jenny Fielding, Managing Director, Techstars NYC - about the benefits of the Accelerator Program and ways that Techstars offers support to help your company grow and scale!

    To apply to Techstars NYC, visit here:


    Reach out to our Program Manager, Tai Hutchinson at

  • Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience - 2-day Course (New York)

    In 2 days, this course will deepen your understanding of what emotions are and how they drive behavior and will teach you how to apply emotional design strategies to websites, apps, digital campaigns and more.


    You will gain mastery in building digital products that are inspiring and motivating. You will learn how emotions drive online behavior and build your experience using emotional insight to build strategically targeted web design, UXD, content strategy and more.



    You'll learn the neuroscience of how people perceive, feel, think and behave. Then you'll take a deep dive into user emotion, covering the full spectrum of emotions and the way each emotion shapes how users feel, think and behave.


    The class covers the major emotional systems that drive online behavior. You'll enjoy a blend of formal lessons with interactive design challenges, where you will learn how to develop emotion-driven design for websites, apps, video, ads and more.



    This course will teach you how to design for emotion, while fine-tuning your digital creative. You'll use standard industry UX, prototyping and editorial tools, which you can use in your next digital project.

  • Compensation Advice for Founders

    For early-stage startups it can be intimidating to arrive at the right comp. You want to hire the best people, but you’re resource-constrained and you have to be savvy about the non-cash components of a comp package, like title, equity, and benefits.

    To dive into this, we’re excited to chat with Sanj Sanampudi, Co-Founder & CEO of Concert as he shares his advice on compensating your startup team.

    We’ll dive into

    • What do you offer new hires across different roles and experience?

    • How to balance cash, equity, and benefits?

    • What is incentive compensation and should I use it?

  • Tech Founders, Are you just launching your startup? Maybe you've been operating for a year and need to manage your cash flows? Join Akshay Shrimanker, CPA of SHAY CPA P.C. and our Cohost Michael Dombrowski of InterPrime Technologies Inc. (YC W19) on October 29th for Managing Cash as a Startup. Presented by the Tech Incubator at Queens College. 

    Webinar Topics:
    -Why early-stage tech companies need to understand and implement cash management/treasury
    -What cash management is
    -Cash management responsibilities
    -Cash management and treasury infrastructure
    -What an investment policy(IP) is
    -Components of investment policy(IP

  • Community Lightning Talks 8

    Get a chance to present an insight on a problem you have or a startup/project you are working on!

    Join us on Thursday, October 29, 4PM (New York time) for our GST community lighting talks. GST is a global community we have organized 100+ live events and 15 webinars since the pandemic started with over 700 attendees in total

    Now is an interesting opportunity to do an open call to our global community. Get an opportunity to present an insight on a problem they're facing or an idea for a startup/project they are working on. The goal will be to kickstart collaborations, get immediate feedback on your idea from our community, develop partnerships and more.

    It will be in a lightning talk format with a max amount of 3 minutes for each talk. Presentations have to be on point, concise and avoid too much fluff!

    Our mentors for this session:


    Ricardo Latournerie is the Senior Investment Analyst of AC Ventures. Prior to this he was the External Advisor for Ictineo Ptf and the Financial Analyst for Visor ADL. He also founded Cheba, a craft beer plant.


    MIAN M

    Mian is a Fintech veteran with 10 years of global market growth and development experience, ranging from data platform to blockchain.

    Mian helped her teams go from angel round to IPO, growing from as small as 30 people to as big as 1,500 people. An expert advisor on business strategy and market development, cross-border capital raising, and mergers and acquisitions, Mian is adept at relationship management with consumers, clients, investors, and regulators.

    In her spare time, you can find Mian volunteering at green initiatives for her city.


  • About This Event

    This year marks one hundred years since womxn gained the right to vote in the United States, Slovakia and Albania. But despite many gains in the global fight for womxn’s suffrage, geographic, political, and social barriers often prevent voting rights from being exercised. Trix Magazine reporter Madeline Moitozo, in a five part series Uncast Ballots, dove into the recent histories of five different countries, surfacing both stories of harrowing voter suppression and the unyielding fortitude of womxn on the frontlines of these struggles. Join Ms. Moitozo for a discussion with a panel of experts in voter suppression and womxn's political empowerment who are shaping policy that impacts the quality of life for girls and womxn across the world.