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  • Fundraising Advice for Founders

    Fundraising is one of the hardest challenges a founder will face when building a startup. In post-COVID times, it may be even harder now to get facetime with investors, or the virtual setting could make it harder for you as a founder to do your pitch without being there in person.

    But still, fundraising could be an important step in acquiring the capital you need to really bring your startup to the next level.

    We’re excited to chat with Bo Jiang, Co-founder & CEO of Privacy on August 11th about how he just raised their recent Series A.

    Privacy is a virtual card payment startup that makes it easy for users to generate virtual and disposable payment card numbers, so you can keep your actual credit card number safe. They raised a $10.2 million Series A led by Teamworthy Ventures.

    We’ll discuss how you can meet investors, what they’re looking for in a pitch, what you as a founder should prepare, and what you should do for your fundraising process.

  • August 2020 Virtual NY Tech Meetup - High School Program Showcase

    • Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 05:30 PM
    • Virtual Event

    Join us for our August 2020 Virtual NY Tech Meetup! This month we will be showcasing student projects from 3 local STEM and technology programs.

    Be sure to tune in, see the students present, and support these amazing programs in their mission to connect the next generation to the tech ecosystem.

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    About the Programs:

    America On Tech

    America On Tech is an award-winning, early pipeline technology talent accelerator on a mission to prepare the next generation of leaders by creating pathways into degrees and careers in technology. To date, we have worked with more than 2,500+ students by leveraging the time, talent and expertise of software engineers and developers to teach our tuition-free courses and help provide work-based internship and learning programs to promote the advancement of underrepresented students into technology. Founded in 2014, AOT’s work has been featured in Forbes, CNN, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, BET and other leading publications. AOT has also been awarded by Forbes 30 Under 30, Wells Fargo and the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office.

    BridgeUP: STEM

    BridgeUP: STEM is an ambitious initiative designed to bridge the gender and opportunity gaps in computational science for girls and young women as well as boys and girls from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. Hosted at the Museum through generous support from the Helen Gurley Brown Revocable Trust, BridgeUP: STEM has developed a distinct identity in the landscape of computer science education by embedding programming in the context of scientific research and communication to support participants’ college and career goals. The BridgeUP:STEM programs include a tuition-free intensive multi-year Brown Scholars program for high school girls and the Helen Fellowship, a one-year post-baccalaureate fellowship for women.


    Mouse’s mission is to provide vulnerable youth with the computer science skills needed to enter and succeed in higher education and the high tech workforce. Mouse designs computer science and STEM curriculum on our online learning platform, trains K-12 educators, and engages students through the Design League and maker events. We are committed to fostering greater diversity and humanity in STEM and empowering youth -- and all those that educate them -- to access and amplify technology as a force for good.

    Mouse’s mission is rooted in equity and inclusion to help close the access gap for low-income, minority, and female students in STEM, computing learning opportunities, and careers in tech. The courses on Mouse Create online learning platform are designed to help middle and high school age youth to develop STEM identities by engaging with relevant socially and civically important topics.

    ALSO - We are keeping the meetup free of charge this month, but as an organization, our expenses have not stopped. If you have valued our events and programs, and you are able, we ask that you consider making a small contribution! DONATE AT:

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  • Acquiring new users for your startup (especially in the early days) can be tough. For many early-stage startups, you’ll need to rely on a mix of organic strategies, paid acquisition, and comms to raise awareness and build your brand.

    On August 12th, we’re excited to chat about marketing and comms strategies with Katie Perry, VP of Marketing of

    Public is a social investing app that makes the stock market inclusive, educational, and fun. They’re backed by Will Smith’s Dreamers VC, J.J Watt, Sophia Amoruso, and some of the original investors in Venmo.

    Prior to her role at Public, Katie has held senior roles in corporate strategy and marketing in-house at agencies, startups, and tech companies.

    Join us at 10 am as we dive into how you can develop a marketing strategy that will help you meet your goals and grow your startup.

  • Changing market dynamics create new business opportunities and capital is key to bringing your ideas to life.  As a founder you need to evaluate all your financing options. Convertible notes and SAFEs offer easy and cost-effective instruments to raise money without having to deal with the thorny question of company valuation.  

    Understanding how these instruments convert to equity is key to avoiding surprises at the next round. Join us to learn the ins and outs of using convertible notes and SAFEs and how to calculate the impact on the cap table. There will be lots of time for questions.

  • The GST Bot - Find Ecosystem Problems & Share Insights

    Join us on Thursday, August 10th, 5PM (SG time) for our GST webinar on "The GST Solvers Bot - Find Ecosystem Problems & Share Insights". GST is a global community we have organized 100+ live events and 14 webinars since the pandemic started with over 600 attendees in total.

    The goal of this session is to highlight and share some of the problems tech ecosystems are facing in different regions across the world. And ask our community to share insights with those problems.!

    We (GST) have been creating a bot platform for which we are putting by verticals all the interesting and quality problems that companies, startups and tech ecosystem are facing.

    For this session you will be able to:

    1. Learn and discover interesting problems by vertical and location-specific
    2. Find interesting problems to work and ways to collaborate with other people
    3. Share insights into those problems
    4. Suggest new problems that you, your company or team are facing and find insights and/or solutions from our community.
    5. Use our Solvers bot on telegram app and suggest problems and insights you are facing!


    5pm-6pm - Session + DEMO


  • When direct-to-consumer brands initially launched, their initial value proposition was access to quality products by cutting out the middleman.

    While disruptive at the time, we’re now seeing that many DTC brands may have disrupted things a bit, but there are still significant changes that can happen to retail and commerce. DTC companies can now be seen as the “middleman” they were initially removing, while leaving small margins to their manufacturers, and marked up prices to their customers.

    To get a better idea of where the future of DTC and commerce can go, we’re excited to chat with Jeremy Cai, Founder & CEO of Italic, a membership offering quality goods at cost.

    Italic has partnered with manufacturers of the world’s top brands on a product line that sells items at cost. To get the products, consumers pay a membership fee (similar to the Costco model).

    Join us at 10 am as we dive into

    • Current challenges and opportunities in DTC and commerce
    • Jeremy’s lessons from building a DTC brand
    • Advice on using a membership model
    • How he’s built relationships with manufacturers
  • TechDay Founders Summit

    TechDay Founders Summit is a highly focused one day program open only to startup founders, their c-suite executive teams, and idea-stage entrepreneurs, to access the education, tools, and networks that will help them become better, more successful business people.


  • Entrepreneurs will go through many challenges as they build and scale their company. It takes a lot of perseverance, hard work and some luck to build a company that lasts.

    Right now during this pandemic, many businesses have failed or face their toughest challenge yet as they navigate these unprecedented times.

    As a founder, you may be teetering between “surviving” and “thriving”, but you can be both! You’ll find that in similar situations in the past (the .com bubble, the 2008 financial crisis), top executives have used moments like this to focus on their customers and come out ahead of their competitors.

    To learn more about what it takes to succeed through challenges as an entrepreneur, and how to survive and thrive, we’re excited to speak with Isaac Oates, Founder & CEO of Justworks, the nation’s fastest-growing HR technology company.

    We’re going to dive into lessons Isaac has learned growing Justworks 100x in 5 years, and his advice to entrepreneurs building startups right now.

  • When you’re in the early stages of your startup, it can be hard to find funds or validate spending money on advertising and marketing. As a workaround, entrepreneurs have found scrappy and creative ways to build brand awareness and acquire new users organically.

    Most likely, you’re an entrepreneur on a lean budget. Regardless of whether or not you’ve raised money, you’re acutely sensitive to the limits of what you can do in a pay-to-play world.

    Join us on August 18th as we chat with Kaylin Marcotte, Founder & CEO of JIGGY about organic marketing strategies you can do with little to no budget. We’ll dive into how she’s grown JIGGY, and her previous experience building out theSkimm’s ambassador program and running its community marketing and social media.

  • Many early-stage founders don’t talk to investors until it’s time to fundraise, and that’s a bad strategy.

    A common saying for investors now is that they “invest in lines, not dots,” meaning you as a founder should be prioritizing building relationships with investors before you need money.

    One of the best ways to keep potential investors (and current investors and advisors) engaged is by sending out monthly updates where you share wins, losses, lessons learned, key hires, asks, and more.

    To learn more about how to best use monthly updates, we’re going to chat with James Norman, Founder & CEO of Pilotly.

    Pilotly, is a consumer insights platform that enables content creators to get feedback from audiences at scale. Today, the platform provides insights to NBCUniversal, Viacom, Snapchat, Doner agency and others.

    James also co-founded Transparent Collective, a non-profit that has accelerated 40 startups founded by unrepresented founders (women and people of color) to raise over $35M in early stage funding.

    We’re going to dive into why you should be writing monthly updates, and how you can use it to make your fundraising process easier.