NY Tech Volunteer Corps

About NY Tech Volunteer Corps

New Yorkers always step up to solve the city’s most pressing problems because the people of this city are consistently our most valuable resource in times of crisis. We know what the power of community and the power of the tech ecosystem can provide to solve myriad problems nonprofits and small businesses face after disaster strikes. In response to the most recent, COVID-19, and in preparation for future disasters, the NY Tech Alliance is tapping into its community of over 60,000 members to assemble a volunteer task force. Our aim is to be prepared and ready to respond and support these organizations and small businesses, in their time of need.

The Goal:

Our goal is to be a force of good in the NY tech ecosystem. We’re working on this by creating and maintaining a dynamic group of tech professionals who volunteer their time and serve with understanding of and commitment to purpose. They are the backbone of our force. Responding to the needs of nonprofits, community organizations and small businesses, they help each one by providing a lifeline in the wake of severe challenges. 

Current Campaign:

In the wake of COVID-19, many nonprofits and small businesses are faced with unprecedented challenges. As the city continues to struggle with fully reopening,  our focus is on the growing number of organizations whose services are being deeply impacted. Our work includes learning about the challenges they face and how technology can be implemented to help sustain and propel them forward. We then match them with a team of volunteers to assess, develop and implement short and long-term solutions designed to their specifications.


The NY Tech Volunteer Corps is supported by:

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

In Partnership with Civic Hall

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As we assemble our volunteer tech corps, we will be looking to our community to fill the roles needed to assess, build, and implement various solutions for projects that range from short-term fixes to long-term solutions. We understand that each project will present a unique set of challenges, and pulling from a broad database of skills, backgrounds, and expertise will be important to the success of each project.  

We need volunteers across the entire tech ecosystem to support various aspects of each project from ideation and planning to implementation. Following are the roles we are currently recruiting for:

  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Technical Leads
  • Developers
  • Full-stack
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Data Scientists
  • Virtual Services Experts
  • Customer Service Experts
  • Productivity Experts

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Project selection criteria for the current campaign:

  • Small organizations/ projects - with 10 employees or less
  • Projects or nonprofits must serve the NYC community
  • Must have an internal project champion
  • Open to nonprofit organizations/collectives/groups and community members that have social good/impact projects that would benefit from tech assistance

Types of projects we will be accepting: 

  • Website design / redesign
  • Implementation of productivity tools
  • Assessment of technology tools and services
  • Training in the use of tech products and services
  • Data / database management
  • POS and financial management solutions
  • Cybersecurity assessments and services

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