She+ Geeks Out Virtual NYC Job Search Support Night

Join us for a special virtual evening of networking with your fellow New Yorkers in small groups, including a special presentation by Belma McCaffrey, the CEO and Founder of Work Bigger!

With the recent events on COVID-19, we're experiencing new levels of uncertainty. We’re already seeing the economic impact of this pandemic and it’s just the beginning. Changes that may happen include hiring freezes due to the negative financial impact many businesses are experiencing. Furthermore, social functions are suspended impacting your ability to network and make connections.

If you’re in the midst of a job search, you may be feeling some extra anxiety – especially if you have a sense of urgency to get a new job right now. Maybe you’re in between jobs and need a salary to pay the bills, or maybe your work situation is just not working out for whatever reason.

In this talk, Belma will cover:

  • How to identify your core mission and personal goals
  • How to cultivate a mindset of possibility to open doors to new opportunities
  • Networking strategies that work in this unprecedented time

How is this going to work?

This will NOT be a Zoom meeting (yay!)... you'll be able to network in small groups of up to six people per table prior to and after the webinar. You get to choose where you 'sit' and there will be lots of pre-created topics that will be work and fun-related (furbaby and humanbaby pictures, book ideas, TV show obsessions, all welcome here).

During the webinar, you'll also be able to ask Belma questions and there will be an ability to upvote questions! You'll get all the info on how to access the platform ahead of time and below is a screenshot of what you can expect it to look like when you're in and virtually talking with people!

  • May 26, 2020 at 6:00pm – 9pm
    New York, NY 10011
    United States
    Google map and directions
  • Rachel Murray