ONLINE PANEL: Designing Great Experiences in a Digital-First World

The pace of digitization has sped up over the last few months, forcing entire industries to adopt new digital strategies. Great user experiences are front and center in an online-only world, and as things keep changing, understanding your audience has never been more essential.

How have the world’s best brands, their designers and digital products owners, adjusted to this new reality? What trends have they noticed and what can we expect for the future?

Join us for a discussion with global design, product, and marketing experts, as they share the impact COVID-19 has had on their digital offerings, and how they adjusted to create seamless and memorable experiences for their customers.

Jason Mante, GM & Founder, Area 120 at Google
Tracie Lee, Product Design Director at The New York Times
Erin Essex, Director, UX and Product Design at Shutterstock
Klaus Heesch, Director, Experience Design at Capital One

- The rise of quarantine UX. What does that mean?
- Which brands have stood out in these unique times?
- How brands are using data to improve the online experience
- How UX design is playing a key role in helping brands stand out
- Is there a new designers’ toolkit?
- How top brands measure performance of online experiences