Virtual B2B Sales Bootcamp for Startups, Scaleups and Growth-stage Companies (w/ Hapday Group)

Hapday Group is launching a 6-week Virtual B2B Sales Bootcamp focused on B2B sales and scaling in the US market that will run from early June to mid-July (exact dates TBD) at 1 session per week with implementation support from the Hapday team as well as mentors/advisors throughout the program.

Designed for startups, scaleups, and growth stage companies involved in B2B sales, we will focus on developing practical long-term strategies to diversify and grow sales channels and scale US sales funnels and processes.

We will dive into prospecting, customer journey mapping, messaging, and more; everything a growing company needs to build its B2B Sales Playbook.

💻 Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more about our goals for the bootcamp, have your questions answered and get some insights into the current state of sales.

👓 Apply to the bootcamp. Up to two people per company are welcome to join.

☎️ Book a call with the bootcamp team to learn more about the program and find out if you’d be a good fit or how we might be able to work together.

✍🏽 And, check out our blog post about Creating Your Sales Playbook: How to Navigate B2B Sales and Scaling in 2020


Hapday Group is an operational consultancy that helps startups and growth-stage companies launch and scale their business in the US market through helping build and launch Sales Channel Development as well as provide services around Hiring Strategy, Advisory, and Fundraising support for companies looking to accelerate their US Market strategy.

  • June 03, 2020 at 12:00pm – June 15, 2020
  • Nika Ogievetsky