The Actions, Tools, and Mindset for Launching Your Business | July 29

About This Event

The "Hustle Harder" culture is fundamentally broken. Continuously working long hours and chasing the next opportunity will eventually lead to burnout, not success. Beyond that, it’s challenging to attract the right prospects and business partners when you project scarcity and lack.

After conducting numerous interviews for Entrepreneur magazine, I’ve distilled the mindset of successful -- and fulfilled -- entrepreneurs down to the 3 P’s: Purpose-Drive, Prepared and Patient.

This transformational experience will leave you inspired and empowered to align your actions with your vision and provide clear guidance on growing a business, without sacrificing your health, family and other personal interests.


  • Establish a vision for your personal and professional life, allowing you to clearly understand your "Why"
  • Research and develop a go-to-market solution for a defined audience

  • Clearly define the skills you need to develop and those you need to delegate or outsource

  • Develop a roadmap for high-impact next steps

  • Adopt the mindset skills to thrive, even in challenging situations

About the Instructor

Terry Rice Photo

Founder, Terry Rice Consulting & Expert-in-Residence, Entrepreneur magazine

Terry Rice believes all businesses, no matter how large or small, should have access to the critical resources and information needed to grow. His professional experience includes client-facing roles at organizations including Facebook and Adobe. During his career, he’s consulted hundreds of organizations including Walmart, Bonobos, Warby Parker and FedEx.

As a business consultant, he serves as a conduit to make these best practices available - and scalable - to entrepreneurs and small businesses. As the Marketing Expert-in-Residence at Entrepreneur magazine, he provides need to know information through his work as a VIP contributor. He's also the author of the upcoming book Start Your Own Consulting Business: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success, published by Entrepreneur Media.

An engaging and informative presenter, Terry has been a featured speaker at industry events including Social Media Week and SXSW. He also serves as a startup mentor at organizations including Amazon, Techstars and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute.

Terry is a father, husband and proponent of both mental and physical health. His mission is to show people how they can achieve professional success without sacrificing their personal life.

  • July 29, 2021 at 2:00pm – 3pm