Hire & Build Your Dream Team

About This Event

As busy entrepreneurs or solopreneurs, a lot of us bring in new employees in a haphazard manner that’s driven by convenience and urgency. And once we start working with our team, there’s a lack of deep intentionality towards solidifying culture and measuring team success. This leads to severe negative consequences.

A study of 101 startup post mortems shows that not having the right team is one of top 3 reasons why entrepreneurs fail.

The solution is to first build a framework that attracts the right people. We need to create an authentic brand that distills our passion and purpose while being honest about our work environment and style. Once we have interested candidates, we need a well crafted procedure to sift through them and identify high potential teammates. Finally, we need a working gameplan to vet their performance in a real-world setting.

With great people on board, the 2nd step is to build team cohesion. It starts with outlining a compelling ‘Why’ behind our company’s existence, to help employees find motivation and meaning in their work journey. Next, we have to establish team dynamics to help articulate our team’s identity and to construct a group approach that everyone is held accountable to. Finally, we need to practice being a great team together by embarking on a performance challenge that puts us to the test.

Being an entrepreneur is a team sport. With the right people and culture, anything is possible.


  • Fundamentals of an Authentic Hiring Brand
  • Early Stage Hiring Process & Tips
  • Strategy to Discover Team Mission, Vision & Values
  • Framework for Team Dynamics
  • Creating a Team Performance Challenge