Product Design for Startups

On August 7th we’re speaking with Regy Perlera, Co-founder & CEO of Seasons, an exclusive community for luxury wear and streetwear about product design for startups. Seasons launched a few months ago and is backed by investors including Initialized Capital, Kindred Ventures, Boxgroup, and Nas.

Since then they’ve been featured in publications like Vogue Business, The New York Times, and Glossy.

Before starting Seasons, Regy has designed products at Nike, Square, Oscar, and StockX, and has also consulted with Amazon, Kanye West, and Travis Scott.

Join us 10 am as we dive into Regy’s design process and how he takes ideas and turns them into MVPs, and then full-fledged products. We’ll go over best practices and his advice for early-stage founders and designers building new products.

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