How to Talk to Users: Customer Feedback Advice for Founders

Paul Graham, Co-founder of Y Combinator often writes that a successful startup will only work if you build something people want. And to know if you’re building something people want, you need to talk to your users.

User feedback and interviews will give you the best info that will help you price, develop, and grow your product.

But sometimes getting customer feedback can be really hard, and knowing how to use the info you get from that feedback can be even harder.

To dive into this, we’re excited to chat with Dan Manian, Co-founder of, a startup that helps create connections between coworkers. They recently raised $12 million in total funding, led by Accel and with participation from Bloomberg Beta, FirstMark, Slack Fund and various angel investors.

We’re going to dive into how Dan and his team have used user feedback to guide their growth at Donut. We’ll dive into

  • Ways to collect user feedback

  • How to use that information to inform your marketing and product decisions

  • Questions you should ask that will help you learn the most about your customers