How to Find Technical Talent for Your Startup

Hiring for a startup is one of the most challenging aspects a founder will face. Even more so when it’s a non-technical founder hiring for a technical cofounder, CTO, or early engineers.

And early on, it can be tough to decide whether you should hire someone full time, outsource the project, or look for a partner to help you hire. All these issues become even harder if you lack some technical experience and are unsure of how to vet your talent.

We’ll tackle these topics on June 22 with Katerina Trajchevska, Co-founder & CEO of Adeva, an exclusive, on-demand developers network that connects companies with the world’s best remote engineers

Join us at 10 am as we discuss:

  • Prioritizing types of technical talent you need
  • Sourcing candidates and conducting technical interviews
  • Managing your engineering team
  • Outsourcing options
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