Hiring & Onboarding Advice for Startups: How to Find & Hire Top Talent

Building a strong team is both the most challenging aspect of growing a company and the most important job of a founder. The ability to find, attract and hire the right talent is the key to building a great company.

And as you grow your company from 1 employee to 10, to 30, to 100+, what happens to your startup team? Your culture? How do you manage and lead your growing team? As an early-stage startup with limited resources, how do you hire the right people for your company?

All of these questions have become harder to answer, but even more important recently as we shift to remote work and distributed teams.

To dive into best practices to find and hire the best talent for your startup, we’re excited to chat with Jaime Petkanics, SVP of People for Brooklinen, a Brooklyn-based company known for producing the internet’s best sheets (and more!)

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