Fundraising Advice for Founders

Fundraising is one of the hardest challenges a founder will face when building a startup. In post-COVID times, it may be even harder now to get facetime with investors, or the virtual setting could make it harder for you as a founder to do your pitch without being there in person.

But still, fundraising could be an important step in acquiring the capital you need to really bring your startup to the next level.

We’re excited to chat with Bo Jiang, Co-founder & CEO of Privacy on August 11th about how he just raised their recent Series A.

Privacy is a virtual card payment startup that makes it easy for users to generate virtual and disposable payment card numbers, so you can keep your actual credit card number safe. They raised a $10.2 million Series A led by Teamworthy Ventures.

We’ll discuss how you can meet investors, what they’re looking for in a pitch, what you as a founder should prepare, and what you should do for your fundraising process.

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