Cold Calling: Sales Advice for Early-Stage Founders

Cold calling is an underrated and underutilized sales technique — in the age of email and social media, it’s much easier to send a cold email or DM then it is to cold call a prospect.

If you’re a new startup, cold calling may seem intimidating and ineffective, especially if you aren’t comfortable doing it or familiar with best practices. But companies like Yelp, Doordash, and Groupon were built through cold calling.

For entrepreneurs and salespeople that can master cold calling, they’ll find it as an effective way to build their pipeline and establish relationships.

To learn more about this, we’re excited to chat with Ryan Denehy, Co-founder & CEO of Electric, an IT solutions startup used by companies like Resy, Boxed, and Mercari.

We’ll discuss how Ryan and his team used cold calling to get to their first $3M in ARR, and his advice for entrepreneurs who want to use cold calling as a sales tactic.

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