Building a Marketplace Startup

Marketplace startups, essentially liaisons between vendors and consumers, have been shifting business models across many industries. Investors and entrepreneurs see this as a promising model – but growing and scaling a marketplace startup isn’t easy and many will find themselves trying to solve the “chicken-and-egg” problem.

To learn more about what it takes to successfully launch and grow a marketplace startup, we’re excited to chat with Michael Carvin, Founder & CEO of SmartAsset, an award-winning financial technology company that helps more than 65 million people each month make smart financial decisions.

SmartAsset provides free and interactive tools to help you make smarter financial decisions, and connects you with financial advisors. If you’re a financial advisor, SmartAsset can help connect you to local clients across the U.S.

Join us as we dive into how Michael grew this marketplace aspect of SmartAsset, and his advice for entrepreneurs building marketplace startups.

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