About Us

 Jotto was created to improve how citizens interact with their government and organizations to help communities thrive. We create a positive feedback loop between people and their leaders by making it easy to share stories, ideas and experiences; and for leaders to make sense of these insights using our AI. 

Jotto is a product of Quadrant 2, a software development company established in 1996 that has created some of the most influential public interest technologies. We are composed of a team of engineers and designers who love working together with purpose. Our team is like a band, and Jotto is like a compilation album of our greatest social justice app hits including I’m Getting Arrested app for Occupy Wall Street in 2011, Mobile Justice for the ACLU in 2012 and WorkIt for OurWalmart in 2016. More about Quadrant 2 can be found on the Quadrant 2 website.


Why we Support the NY Tech Alliance 

Our support for the New York Tech Alliance (NYTA) stems from a shared vision of fostering a vibrant and inclusive technology community. As NYTA plays a critical role in nurturing the tech ecosystem in New York, a city renowned for its innovation and dynamism, we are committed  to driving technological advancement and supporting the community.

NYTA's focus on diversity and inclusion in the tech industry aligns with our belief that diverse perspectives fuel innovation. Their efforts in providing resources, networking opportunities, and educational events help break down barriers and open doors for underrepresented groups in tech. This commitment to inclusivity not only enriches the tech community but also ensures that the technology developed is reflective of a diverse society.

Our support for NYTA is an investment in the future of New York. It's about being part of a movement that values innovation, inclusivity, and community – principles that are fundamental to the growth and success of the tech industry in New York and beyond.


How Can We Work Together?

Our Offer to You

Jotto can offer NYTA an innovative platform for enhanced community engagement and feedback collection. Leveraging AI, it transforms diverse inputs (video, audio, text) into actionable insights, facilitating data-driven decision-making. This tool can significantly boost NYTA's ability to understand and respond to member needs, fostering a more connected and responsive tech community in New York.

Our Ask of You

Jotto's ask to the NYTA community is to embrace and adopt the Jotto platform for improved communication and engagement within the NYTA tech ecosystem. By integrating Jotto, members can provide valuable feedback, share ideas, and participate in discussions more effectively. This adoption will not only enhance the overall NYTA experience but also demonstrate the practical benefits of innovative, AI-driven communication tools in fostering a dynamic and collaborative tech community.


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