About Us

Koridor is an MVP development agency that helps non-technical startup founders take their startup from idea to revenue. 2/3rd of SaaS startups fail before their product is even launched. Many factors play into the 2/3rd rule, but from our experience, first-time founders need more team, knowledge, and expertise to develop a winning product. This causes them to burn their entire cash flow on development, leaving them anxious and ill-prepared for a product launch.

This is why Koridor has made it its mission to become your product experts. We help SaaS founders develop your MVP at a fixed price with a predictive development process giving your startup the power to execute your idea.

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Why We Support NY Tech Alliance

We are inspired by the passion and ingenuity of the NY startup tech community, and NYTA is at the heart of this community. Our company mission is to eliminate the 2/3rd rule. Participating in the NYTA community helps us do exactly this. We’re committed to the success and growth of every member of the NY tech ecosystem. Whether this means partnering to produce content, building products for SaaS founders, or helping investors mitigate their investment risk.

How Can We Work Together?

Our Offer to You

We help non-technical SaaS founders build and launch their MVPs. And we help pre-seed investors to mitigate the risk of their investments.

  • BOOTSTRAP: Launch your product in 4 months, with capital leftover for sales and marketing.
  • GET FEEDBACK: Put your software into the hands of real users. Get the insights you need to iterate and grow
  • RAISE FUNDS: With a validated software, you’ll be well positioned for funding from investors.

Our Ask of You

Our only ask is to connect to non-technical founders with a great idea, but haven’t built their MVP yet. Or investors who want to mitigate the risk in pre-seed investments.

Information, Knowledge & Resources - for You and Your Business

Phone: (403) 710-8630

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Website: https://www.koridor.io/


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