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Our Founder Spotlights series showcases incredible female, tech founders each month. While we know that female founders receive just 2% early stage funding, the women at our events have gone against the odds and started transformative companies including ones that support aging parents, use robotics in farming, reimagine the way we educate and prepare students for the future. If you are interested being featured at a Founder Spotlights event, please complete and submit our application.

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Cheryl Potts

 Founder, CleerKut Royalty

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Anabel Maldonado

 Founder & CEO, PSYKHE AI

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Genevieve Bellaire

 Founder & CEO, Realworld

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 Tara Falcone

 Founder & CEO, Reason

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Deepali Vyas

 Founder & CEO, Fearless+

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Fonta Gilliam

 CEO & Co-founder, Wellthi

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Tanya van Court

  CEO & Founder, Goalsetter

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Suma Reddy

  CEO & Co-founder, Future Acres

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Sara Moll

                CEO & Co-founder, Vinn Social             

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Jannae Gammage

   CEO & Co-founder, The Market Base

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Jes Chosid

                       CEO, Reign Maker                           

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Avanlee Christine

Founder & CEO, Avanlee Care

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Wen-Kuni Ceant

CEO & Co-founder, Politicking

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Rebekah Bastian

Rebekah Bastian - CEO & Co-founder, OwnTrail

CEO & Co-founder, OwnTrail

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Regina Gwynn

Regina Gwynn - CEO & Co-founder, TresseNoire

CEO & Founder, TresseNoire

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Ennie Lim

Ennie Lim, Founder, HoneyBee

CEO & Founder, HoneyBee

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Dr. Emily Anhalt

Dr. Emily Anhalt - Co-founder, Coa

Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer, Coa

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Genevieve Ryan Bellaire

Genevieve Ryan Bellair - Founder, Realworld

Founder & CEO, Realworld

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Maren Kate

Maren Kate - Founder,


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Katharine Zalenski

Katharine Zaleski - PowerToFly

Co-Founder & President, PowerToFly

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Julia Niiro

Julia Niiro - Founder MilkRun

CEO & Founder, MilkRun

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Annie Cheng

Annie Cheng - CEO & Founder, The Table Less Traveled

CEO & Founder, The Table Less Traveled

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Alli Kasirer

Alli Kasirer - Founder, Robyn

Founder, Robyn

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