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  • Throw out that 30 page business plan template you’ve been staring at on your desktop! It’s okay, you never have to get to it. Today’s businesses need to be nimble and responsive to the ever-changing needs of our clients and customers.

    The reality is, all you really need is a one-page business plan to get started. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been doing this for a while, going through our See Change One-Page Business Plan together will give you the tools and insight to know your business is headed in the right direction before you hunt for your first or next customer.

    We were all hit hard by the pandemic, but Black-owned businesses were hit the hardest. 41% of Black owned businesses shut down at the beginning of the pandemic vs. 17% of White owned businesses. POC businesses overall have a harder time accessing capital (including those PPP loans), less savings reserves, and are more likely to have funding gaps. The pandemic exposed the racial wealth divide in all aspects of our economy, especially our small businesses. Small business owners are some of the most creative and resilient folks out there. You know because you’re one of them. Through a generous grant, Brunch & Budget has partnered with GA to offer a small business workshop series designed to help POC build financially resilient businesses that can weather the most uncertain times.

    The workshops include: Workshop 1: The One-Page Business Plan (10/21)

    Workshop 2: Organize your Business like a Machine (11/18)

    Workshop 3: The Road to Your First Hire (12/16)


    Sign up for one, two, or all three of the workshops. The information is cumulative but you can jump in at any time and find past recordings on

  • About This Event

    General Assembly's “Asian American Womxn’s Voice” is bringing together the top minds in creative industries. We're creating a space for us to learn together so we can go into the world with a deeper understanding of our Asian culture, womxn’s struggles, one another’s stories, and of course, technology.

    In “Loud & Proud”, we will discuss how to celebrate ourselves and each other with leaders in the marketing industry.

    Have you ever been told you were "too much"? Or "too loud"?

    We will gather womxn from our community who manage marketing campaigns in their careers and we will see how they got there and how they leveraged their voices to achieve the success they have today. The truth is, many Asian Americans are expected to be subservient and quiet - even if it went against their beliefs, mission, or passion. Let's explore how they manage both their careers and their personal lives authentically and with JOY!

  • Any fans can agree, your playlist is gold and its recommended songs list doesn’t fall short either. But, despite how personalized it feels, it’s not your best friend pouring hours into this hyper-curated mixtape. It’s data science — algorithmically connecting the infinite data points between songs you like (and dislike), artists your friends like, and so on to forecast what you will like. With every skip, save, and share, more data is collected to make smarter recommendations — and keep you listening.

    In this webinar, you'll learn from industry experts who have mastered the art of using data to deliver an exciting and unique experience of music en masse. You'll walk away with a better understanding of where data is taking the future of music, how data is empowering artists as well as listeners, and how music uses data to give you a personalized online music experience.

  • According to Payscale, the largest uncontrolled pay gap is for American Indian and Alaska Native women, black or African American women, and Hispanic women. These women earn $0.75 for every dollar a white man earns, which improved by $0.01 from 2019. In other words, American Indian, Alaska Native, black and Hispanic women earn 25 percent less than white men when data are uncontrolled for all compensable factors. It's estimated that the wage gap won't be closed until 2186. We believe we can change it all. The first step? By speaking up.

    Please join GA and as we host a panel of BIPOC financial leaders for a candid conversation about money: how to get more of it, how we can be more comfortable talking about it, and ways to support one another in our fight for wage equality.

  • Getting eyeballs on your business or brand is often helped by press opportunities. With no idea of where or how to start, this can often seem like a daunting and discouraging task. From how to find the right reporters, to brainstorming relevant, engaging, and newsworthy angles, this workshop will help you up your PR game and take your PR skills from zero to successful overnight. Students will walk away with knowledge of how to craft a PR pitch, research and target the correct outlets, and learn invaluable techniques for how to find relevant angles to appear in the media on a monthly basis.




    • Learn how to write an effective press release
    • Learn how to research and find relevant reporters and media outlets
    • Learn how to send a pitch (from conception to following-up)
    • Learn how to brainstorm relevant angles to get you (and your business) in the news, regularly!


  • About This Event

    Join us for an evening with some of New York's legendary food & beverage industry rule breakers, creators and innovators and find out how to make it in New York City.

    What's on the menu?

    • Talks and a panel discussion with local businesses
    • Brews on the good folks at GA


    Come along, learn how the world of food, brews, innovation and entrepreneurship collide and be inspired by all of the great things happening right here in New York.



  • Global app entrepreneurs come together for this mastermind group to help push their app businesses to new heights.
    About this Event

    *Tickets are $150 or you can apply for a free ticket here. Free applications are limited and entry is not guaranteed.

    Who is the mastermind group for?

    * Mobile app entrepreneurs who have launched and are making at least $1,000 MRR
    * Mobile app entrepreneurs who have been recently funded
    * Mobile app entrepreneurs who want insights on their own app from an experienced community
    * Mobile app entrepreneurs who want to benefit from sharing their own experiences and who want to learn from others experiences
    * If you are willing to share your knowledge and insights with others

    Who is this mastermind group not for?

    * People with unpublished apps making no money
    * Hobbist developers who are not taking a business-first approach
    * People who are not developers and who do not have funding who are interested in making apps
    * If you are not willing to share your knowledge and insights
    * Freelancers or solicitors

    What will we do?

    * Meet monthly to discuss current app wins and losses
    * Follow an organized mastermind structure that is moderated to make sure equal time is given and the flow of the meeting continues
    * Have a roundtable where we use the power of the group to help solve your current problems
    * Resources and insight sharing
    * Provide a community of expert mobile app entrepreneurs
    * Provide a private chat group
    * Sometimes have guests from well-known and tremendously successful app businesses.

    What we will not do

    * Share confidential information outside the group
    * Solicit or sell the group
    * Be unhelpful
    * Not participate in helping others grow

    Tickets are $150 or you can apply for a free ticket here. Free applications are limited and entry is not guaranteed.

  • About This Event

    Gearing up for Small Business Saturday, join us for an evening with some of New York's legendary small business rule breakers, creators and innovators to find out how they developed their product or brand, but most importantly how do they make it in New York City.

    Each speaker will share their tips on how to create a unique product, service or brand that's pushing the boundaries of what we all thought was possible or one that is just downright good for New York.

    What's on the menu?

    • Talks and a panel discussion with local businesses
    • Brews on the good folk at GA
  • Founder Spotlights presented by Grasshopper Bank & NY Tech Alliance

    • Wednesday, December 02, 2020 at 12:00 PM


    Join us for this virtual event series created by NY Tech Alliance and Grasshopper Bank as we spotlight founders and leaders that are adapting their businesses to make it work during this time of so much uncertainty. We ask them to share practical knowledge, tools and guidance that we hope will answer many of your questions and provide a bit of inspiration.

    The conversations will be facilitated by Micah Baldwin, Early Stage Practice, Grasshopper Bank.



    This month, we will be spotlighting Regina Gwynn, CEO & Co-founder, TresseNoire

    About Regina Gwynn:

    Regina Gwynn is the Co-Founder & CEO of TresseNoire, Beauty Tech Startup that empowers women of color to celebrate their textured hair with a personalized beauty routine that works. Its virtual beauty coach takes the guesswork out of finding the right natural hair products & services by matching your individual hair profile to a beauty regimen designed by experts (so you can get the best twist out or the perfect wash n go style the first time, every time!) Since its launch in 2014, TresseNoire has been featured in Black Enterprise, Essence, Elle, Google, Madame Noire & ABC News as well as styled celebrities including Soledad O’Brien, Mikki Taylor, Lion Babe, Jamele Hill and more. Regina has been named to the 100 Most Powerful Women by Entrepreneur Magazine and Top Ten Women in Tech by Essence Magazine.

    Regina is also the Co-Creator of Black Women Talk Tech, the largest membership organization of black women tech entrepreneurs and the only conference designed for that community. This collective has a unique understanding of the challenges faced in the technology ecosystem, but also of the advantages they can bring. Its mission is to identify, support and encourage black women to build the next billion-dollar business.

    Regina started her career in the Product Development Executive Training program at Federated Department Stores (now Macy’s Inc.), and successfully launched several exclusive brands during her tenure. After graduating from the Kellogg School of Management with her MBA, Regina was a management consultant with the Monitor Group (now Monitor/Deloitte Consulting) and worked with clients within the beauty, media and healthcare industries. She was then tapped to lead marketing at The Apparel Group, where she built the department from scratch and launched the company’s first eCommerce site for its signature brand, Foxcroft Collection.

    Regina loves to travel, dance and watch football (Go Giants?!). She’s on the Cabinet for Black Entrepreneurship for the City of New York, and a former Board Member of BRAG, a nonprofit for diverse retail professionals & Rising Tide Capital, an entrepreneur development program based in Jersey City, NJ.

    “A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous.” – Coco Chanel


    About Micah Baldwin:

    Micah currently works in the Early Stage Practice at Grasshopper Bank, the first digital commercial bank focused on supporting founders and venture funds. As a long time executive coach and investor, he advises several startups and funds, including Tuesday Ventures, an SF-based early-stage venture firm.

    Previously, he founded Create33, a 22,000 sq ft innovation center for the Pacific Northwest that provides resources and access to founders to help fuel their growth. He spent 3.5 years at Amazon working with founders and designing programs to help them find customers. Prior to that, he founded or was early at several companies.

    About NY Tech Alliance:

    A member-based non-profit with a mission to foster the technology community and ecosystem in New York City, with the goal of creating a better future for all. Representation, inspiration, support, and leadership are the qualities we focus on in order to reach this goal. Connect with us today at!

    About Grasshopper Bank:

    Grasshopper is a digital bank serving founders, their companies, and the investors supporting them across the innovation economy. We make banking simple, secure, effortless and transparent. Learn more at

  • Prepare for the COMPTIA A+ Exam with IT Support Specialist

    Jumpstart your tech career! Get training in entry level technical support and IT operational roles while you prepare for the industry CompTIA A+ certification exam. You will learn to install, configure and maintain PCs, mobile devices and software for end users; explore basics of networking and security forensics; properly and safely diagnose, resolve and document common hardware and software issues; and discuss basics of scripting, virtualization, desktop imaging and deployment. General topics include hardware and network troubleshooting,
    operating systems, operational procedures, security, virtualization and cloud computing, and software troubleshooting. (Cost of textbook, virtual lab and exam voucher included in course fee.)

    Prerequisite: IT Fundamentals (ITF+) or passing of an equivalency exam ( 

    Payment Plan Available. 


    Dec 5,2020 - July 10,2021 (24 sessions/120 hours)
    9:00 am - 2:00 pm A05TIA002A