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  • Join General Assembly and the thelighthouse on May 20th at 5pm EST for a career conversation with Elisabeth Bykoff, VP of Global Alliances at Agiloft - a Bay Area tech company.

    In this conversation, we will cover:

    • Her career story and how she got to where she is today
    • How she navigated a career from consulting to tech and transitioning across different work cultures from France to the U.S.
    • Life as a women leader in tech spanning roles from Business Development, Alliances & Partnerships, Sales & Channel Operations to Customer Success
    • Networking, Leadership, and Setting & Achieving Career Goals

    The goal of this event is to have a candid career conversation and hear actionable and relatable advice, resources, and insights that you can apply to your own career.

    About the Speakers

    Courtney Brand Photo

    Founder & CEO,

    Courtney Brand is the Founder and CEO of thelighthouse. Prior to thelighthouse, she worked as a Management Consultant for 5 years in New York, Shanghai, and Beijing, selling and delivering work to top clients including Alibaba, Apple, Mercedes, Porsche, and Danone. After working for two years in New York, Courtney was transferred to PwC’s Shanghai office to help launch the firm’s new digital and innovation consulting practice in China which became the second highest revenue-generating team. As the Founder and CEO of thelighthouse, she is working to empower professionals with the network, insights, and support to thrive in their ever-changing careers and the fast changing world of work. She speaks Mandarin Chinese and French and graduated from Georgetown University.

    Elisabeth Bykoff Photo

    VP of Global Alliances ,

    Elisabeth has over 15 years of experience in GTM and post-sales operations at public and pre-IPO SaaS companies. Before Agiloft, she worked as Yaypay's SVP, Customer Experience driving Services and Success teams. She also served as VP, Delivery Services GTM & RVP, PS Solutions COE at Apttus. Prior, she spent 10 years at PwC founding and building the US Salesforce practice while advising Global 500 companies on their sales and channel operations. She holds an MBA from the University of Washington and a MS in Aerospace Engineering from the Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile.

    About Our Partners



    thelighthouse is the ‘Waze for your career’. We empower professionals with the network, insight, and support to navigate the fast changing world of work. We do this via algorithmic matching with relevant professionals for one-on-one virtual career sessions, curated resources, and member-driven events. We partner with people-first companies looking to invest in their top talent. As professionals navigate increasingly non-linear career paths, thelighthouse is becoming the throughline and empowering them at each stage of their ever-changing careers. Learn more at:

  • ommunity is everything and as we continue to live in the digital world, building strong communities can really help strengthen your business, brand, and project. In this workshop, we'll talk about what the heartbeat of a community is, how to foster community, and how to build one from scratch.


    • How to find your audience and build a community
    • How to strengthen a community with value
    • How to incorporate a community into a business, brand or project
  • The year is 2021—should beauty companies still be airbrushing and retouching? (We think you know the answer). Join millennial-loved beauty brand ZitSticka as they foster a dialogue between longtime beauty editors, trans activists, and more. They’ll unpack the industry’s responsibility to be inclusive and also real, the challenges for POC, gay and trans people navigating beauty, how Facetune, filters and “Instagram Face” have affected our collective perspective and more.


    • What does the philosophy of Progress, Not Perfection mean?
    • It’s important that your customers “see themselves” in your brand—Here’s how to make that happen.
    • What responsibility do the beauty and media industries have to reshape a system that has traditionally pursued perfection?
  • Asian American Womxn's Voice is a bi-monthly event of panel discussions that covers the challenges and triumphs of Asian & Pacific Islander Womxn in the tech, creative, and business spaces. Speaking of spaces, we're here to take up more of it as we're celebrating Asian & Pacific Island Heritage Month!

    This time, we're going to cover not only culture and how its shaped our panelists, but also their career, tips on mental health, and how we can all show up for ourselves and our community authentically with pride!


    • Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 12:00 PM
    • Online

    Software Development skills alone won’t advance you up the career ladder. So how do you take a tech education or expertise and turn that into a tech career? We’ll hear from successful individuals on these different paths doing just that. They’ll share their personal stories along with proven strategies to finding mentors, building a resume, networking with others in the industry, and becoming a better technologist.

    This month, we’ll be chatting with Benny Wong, Director of Platform Engineering at Condé Nast. Join us as he'll be discussing his 12+ year career being a software engineer, how to nail the technical interview, and what projects he is currently working on at Condé Nast.

    About the Panelists

    Lupe Colangelo Photo

    Career Coach,
    General Assembly

    Lupe is a Career Coach at General Assembly's NYC Campus. Lupe's background is in psychology and the facilitation of habit change. As a certified coach, her philosophy centers around helping others set achievable goals and developing the step-by-step roadmap to complete them.

    As a Career Coach for General Assembly, Lupe helps students break into the fields of UX Design and Software Engineering with the tools they need to succeed at each stage of their careers. She believes in using person-first motivational interviewing and proven career development strategies to empower students to find their own success.

    Benny Wong Photo

    Director, Platform Engineering,
    Condé Nast

    Benny Wong is currently working as Director, Platform Engineering at Condé Nast in New York City, New York. Benny reporting to the VP, Platform Engineering is responsible for hiring, building, and managing 4 separate units of highly-skilled Software Engineering Managers and individual Engineering contributors with a focus on digital consumer revenue platforms.

    Prior to Condé Nast, Benny was working at FORTUNE Media as Head of Engineering, reporting to the CTO and Hudson's Bay Company (Saks) as Sr. Manager, Middleware (InfraOps). Benny started off his career as Web Developer at a South Korean entertainment company and pivoted his way to Sr. Infrastructure Engineer for Web and OTT at Channel THIRTEEN, broadcasting station (PBS).

    With over 12 years of extensive Engineering experiences in the Media & Entertainment and Luxury E-commerce industry– Benny has led through multiple digital transformation and understood what it takes to become a successful engineer.


    • Wednesday, June 02, 2021 at 12:00 PM
    • Online

    What’s happening inside your body, and how is it affecting what you see on the outside? Join millennial-loved beauty brand ZitSticka as they foster a dialogue between an integrative doctor and wellness/health experts to cover the connection between inner and outer health, the importance of listening to your body, and how hormones and menstruation affect the skin. After all, you’ve got to know what’s going on inside out so you can live your best life! We’ll also debunk some myths about “wellness”!


    • How to develop healthy (and balanced!) eating habits for healthy skin.
    • What is the definition of “healthy” anyway?
    • Is “wellness” just diet culture repackaged?! Why/why not?
    • Why and how do hormones fluctuate? How can you “balance” your hormones?
    • How does your period impact acne?

    About the Panelist

    Bianca Valle Photo

    Certified Holistic Nutritionist

    Bianca Valle is a certified holistic nutritionist focusing on mind, body, soul, earth connection. With love and integrity at its core, her practice aims to advance humans forward as knowledgeable, independent thinkers who have a strong toolbox to make the most beneficial choices for themselves, which in turn positively influences the rest of their existence. She is also a painter who has had her work shown in LA, NYC, and Washington DC. Her paintings have been in many magazines and live in many homes of admirers across the world.

    About Our Partners


    ZitSticka is a tech-meets-skincare brand hinging on science and leveraging the most efficient and innovative delivery systems.

    Central to the brand's ethos is bringing transparency to the acne space—a space typically glossed over, sidestepped or approached in a clinical light. We explore the reality of having acne with equal parts sincerity and humor, while collaborating with members of the online “skin positivity” community to normalize the phenomenon that is acne. We're at once proposing that zits are an entirely normal and non-shameful phenomenon, but that we can help you fight them.

  • June 2021 NY Tech Meetup

    • Wednesday, June 09, 2021 at 05:30 PM
    • Virtual


    We have a great program ready for you featuring companies and their tech!

    Plus, we will be using the Airmeet platform ( to provide a great networking environment for everyone to connect! Come early to network, enjoy the program, then stay for some more networking. We look forward to seeing you there!

    5:30 PM - Networking (on Airmeet)
    6:00 PM - Program Begins
    7:00 PM - Program Ends/ More Networking (on Airmeet)

    Hosted by:

    Andy Saldaña, Executive Director, NY Tech Alliance


    Demoers Coming Soon!

    We work hard to keep these programs free thanks to your community support. Please make a small contribution today at

  • About This Event

    Newsletters have gained popularity over the past few years as an exciting and valuable way to connect with your audience. There's even been a rise of newsletter subscription models that give your audience increased ways to get more value and access to your expertise. In this workshop, we'll discuss ways you can turn your passion, hobby or expertise into a money-making newsletter.


    How to find an audience for your newsletter

    How to pick the right topic that's valuable, unique and engaging

    Ways to set up your newsletter subscription and more!

    About the Instructor

    Jen Glantz Photo

    Founder, Bridesmaid for Hire | Author | Podcaster | Workshop Host & 1:1 Coach | Professional Speaker,

    Jen Glantz is the Founder of Bridesmaid for Hire, along with the creator of the project Finally the Bride, the Founder of the blog The Things I Learned From, the voice of the podcast You're Not Getting Any Younger, the Founder of the coaching business Jen & Juice, and the author of the Amazon-bestselling books, "All My Friends are Engaged" and "Always a Bridesmaid for Hire."

    She's told her stories on hundreds of press outlets around the world, such as Good Morning America, CNN, and NPR, where they called her job the "weirdest of all time". You can often find her on stages as a speaker for conferences, major companies and schools. In 2016, she received the "30 Under 30" award from her alma mater, University of Central Florida. She's a freelance writer for more than 25 different websites, including NBC, Glamour Magazine, and Forbes.

    Three things you have to know about her: she only eats pizza, her birthday is on April Fool's Day and she spent 2 years living in a new city every month. Learn more on her website: and email her to say hello: [email protected]

  • Amplify in Action for Solidarity

    • Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 06:00 PM
    • Online

    About This Event

    Being a changemaker is more than a label. It’s about the willingness to commit to act and amplify with and for others in pursuit of creating equity! We can start by recognizing the unearned advantages many of us receive, take responsibility, and break the current patterns. We all have an equally important role in this – and by doing so, we help level the playing field by creating more inclusive and fair environments within and out of the workplace.


    • Set the stage with important background information and definitions
    • Explore a framework to better understand what allyship looks like in action
    • Use your voice loudly and proudly to advocate for yourself and the community
    • Make a commitment to take actionable steps to be an effective ally and changemaker
  • The Global Investment Summit is an international program for expert-led debate between global leaders, investors and innovators with the power to shape the future of global investment. It is focused on connecting investment leaders to growth opportunities and disruptive initiatives that address global challenges at scale.

    This edi​​​​​​​​tion of the Global Investment Summit will share the new platforms for investment- from crowdfunding to crowd equity raises to multi country cross investment raises and more. This annual event will celebrate and connect leading investment leaders to the GSE network of entrepreneurs, corporate partners, government officials and influencers. ​​​

    Last year’s edition addressed the volatile global economy and shift in the investment landscape that transpired due to the scale of the 2020 global pandemic. With bankruptcies and unemployment at record highs, speakers identified the role of the investment community to support these challenges and kickstart industries, businesses and global economies.

    The program structure is action packed with keynotes, panels, workshops, partner matching, networking sessions and expert panels. The program concludes with a high profile call to action for investor participants.

    As a high level premier summit, we curate an active network of investors, tech entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians and business moguls tackling Government Innovation. As an affiliate to the Global Startup Ecosystem; Europe Future Summit boast a speaker network that includes: Jack Dorsey (Founder of Twitter), Ben Horowitz (Investor Twitter, Facebook), Tim Draper (Investor in Skype, Hotmail etc); Naveen Jain (Founder of Moon Express, Viome etc.); Current President of Haiti Jovenel Moise; Vicky Jeudy from Netflix Orange is the New Black; and VP+CEOs from Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber and more.