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OFFERING All restaurants+physical businesses: DISCOUNT OCCUPANCY MEASUREMENTS

Restaurants in NYC are one of the core businesses that are going to be affected the most this winter due to COVID, when they would be forced to take their business inside (no more outdoors - snow/ice). That would mean strict compliance with COVID-19 guidelines to keep employees safe and customers healthy.  We at RealValue, use computer vision for measuring occupancy, face mask compliance, and queue length (wait times). We will offer our solutions for analysis of 3 IP cameras for $375/month (full price is $650/month for 3 cameras) starting this December (for 6 months).  *Cameras not included in the discount price.

Offering simple Bed & Bathroom for hard hit Entrepreneurs

We hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic! We wanted to reach out and let you know that we're offering our space for entrepreneurs who have taken a major hit the last few months. Anyone in the tech scene who needs a bed & bathroom in Midtown Manhattan for only $695/month is welcome. We can offer a Tech Alliance discount of 20% off. Please let me know if there's anything else we can possibly do to help. Stay safe! - The Rest Room


Yeshiva University Bright Futures Scholarships Yeshiva University, a US News top 100 university, will provide scholarships for professionals seeking master’s degrees in science and technology fields that are redefining the high-tech industry. For a fixed tuition of $25,000, students starting in September 2020 can earn a master’s degree in AI, Cybersecurity, Biotech, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and Media, Quantitative Finance, and more. Full-time and part-time. Evening classes in Midtown. No GRE. Industry faculty. Open to all qualified applicants. Graduate Admissions: 1-833-241-4723 or [email protected]

Offer: Resources for producing Virtual/Online Events

I have been doing virtual events for the last 3+ years. My company GSD Solutions has worked with various organizations such as Black Woman Talk Tech, NYTM, The Art of Money Matters, Startup Boost, and more to produce their virtual events. Check out some of our free resources below and schedule a consultation with us today to get your virtual event up and running.   Free 1 Hour Virtual Event Webinar Training + Q&A  3 Things You Must Understand Before Planning a Virtual Event The Best Online Networking Platform You’ve Never Heard of  Virtual Event Case Study  schedule a consultation

Invonto Announces $5M Tech Assistance Program for Small Businesses Affected by Coronavirus

We understand the impact the current crisis is having on small and medium-sized businesses across the USA. Many businesses are finding it difficult to stay operational and support customers remotely. Without the proper technology infrastructure, we fear many businesses will not be able to stay efficient and retain their customers for long. We believe that the right technology has the power to help businesses meet customer needs, maintain revenue streams, and support employees.In an effort to support struggling US businesses affected by the crisis, Invonto launched a $5 million tech assistance program to partner with businesses in need of improving their technology solutions. We are extending our support with several key initiatives: We will host client applications on our Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure infrastructure at no cost for one year. We will provide development and support resources on an hourly basis without requiring any commitments and retainer fees. No project is too small. We will offer a pay-as-you-go model that includes no down payments. Payments can be deferred up to 60 days from the initiation of our services. We will substantially reduce our development and consulting fees for new projects. We will expand our services to help businesses support and maintain existing systems to ensure they stay operational. Find eligibility requirements and more information on our COVID-19 Tech Assistance Program Announcement. Learn more about our web and mobile app development company

3-ply surgical masks, hand sanitizer and protective glasses, sold in bulk

3-ply surgical masks, hand sanitizer and protective glasses, sold in bulk. FDA Certificate. In stock in Garden City LI ready for immediate pick up. Call Kathy Donohue 347-853-1000


If you have been laid off recently, go on and sign-up for a new start! And if your organization is laying off your colleagues, let your HR department know about - they can upload their entire list of laid-off employees and we'll take care of the rest. We'll directly send them to startups still eager to hire, free of charge! Hundreds of top startups are using to source incredible talent and to find a new home for people that got recently laid-off. is a free tool developed by the the people behind Wanted (, the first anonymous marketplace to switch jobs at your desired salary. Balazs / co-founder


Brian Weld, Executive Managing Director, Global Brokerage of Cushman & Wakefield, offers the following information and advice regarding commercial rent relief. Brian has also offered to provide consultation to anyone in need of advice and guidance and may be contacted at [email protected] Following are the four critical components of a well thought out rent relief request. 1 - The percentage of the rent reduction. 2 - The duration of the reduction period. 3 - The commencement of the repayment. 4 - The duration of the repayment period. The reduction which tenants have been typically requesting is between 25% to as high as 75%.  We are seeing reduction periods ranging between 2 to 6 months. The repayment commencement is either at the end of the reduction period or a few months later.  The repayment period is between 4 and 12 months. Many tenants have large security deposits being held by landlords.  It may also be possible to defer rent payments and ask the landlord to draw rent payments from the tenant’s security deposit.  This would need to be coordinated with the respective attorneys to issue a one-page amendment to the lease agreeing that the draw-down of the security deposit does not trigger a monetary default. Obviously, the optimum result is a rent reduction period with no repayment plan.  This can be a starting negotiation point, but we have seen limited success with this strategy since many tenants are eligible for the CARES program.

Free: Brand focus consultation (15 min) — Stay relevant during crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing customer priorities and mindsets dramatically, impacting businesses big and small. As startups are struggling to adjust to the new reality, brands that stick to their default messaging are rendering themselves irrelevant.  I'm David, brand strategy & design consultant, focusing on purpose driven startups — I help you make sure you aren't alienating customers, wasting precious marketing and branding efforts, and cause long term damage to your brand.  Schedule a free 15min brand-clarity-call so I can help you on the right path to re-focus your brand so you can keep going. If you need more support — I am offering brand strategy & design support to purpose driven startups impacted by COVID-19 temporarily at sliding scale pricing. Let's keep your impact goals on track! With heart, David See work examples and testimonials at MullerNewYork

Helping companies and organization set up and optimize REMOTE TEAMS!

During these hard times, I thought my new articles about remote teams will be very beneficial to all: WORKING WITH REMOTE ENGINEERING TEAMS: AN AGILE RECIPE FOR NON-TECHNICAL REMOTE TEAMS:  Let me know if you are interested in my pro bono services I offer (helping set up and optimize your remote teams) - request a free consultation: