April 2020 VIRTUAL NY Tech Meetup


We are taking the NY TECH MEETUP, VIRTUAL!

We know the past couple of weeks has been unusual and there's a ton on everyone's mind, so we invite you to take a break and see some really cool tech!

This month we will be highlighting 2 companies helping to connect people in the digital space, 1 company that's helping laid-off workers find their next gig, and 1 app that will make you a drawing expert by the time the social distancing is over.

Also, NETWORKING? Yes, we got that too. We are working with 2 really cool partners to help facilitate that famous NYTM networking in the digital world.

Check out our event on HIO SOCIAL before, during and after the event to keep the conversations going.

And the event will be happening live on Remo.co to facilitate networking during the event!

Details to access the event URL will be emailed to you Monday!

Now onto the Demoers:

Garrett Kinsman, Co-Founder

Coalition is a free app to track the spread of COVID-19 without impacting your privacy.

Da Vinci Eye
Samuel Gherman, Founder
Charissa Castillo, Co-Founder
Seth Dale, Co-Founder

Anyone can learn to draw!

Susanne Klepsch, Co-Founder + CEO

Online meetings made easy with easy scheduling, one-click video calls and automatic payment.

Uri Soroka, CEO
Vova Soroka, CTO

Salut is helping communities connect by bringing order to the chaos of group conversations.

Jean Meyer, CEO
Eva Peris, CMO

Send your laid-off talent to top startups looking to hire!


A MEETING link to this virtual event will be emailed to you the day prior to this event.

To access HIO SOCIAL, follow the below steps.

1. Download Hio Social: On your mobile phone, click this link https://hiosocial.app.link/4OPksW3Ow4 to download Hio Social.

2. Setup your profile: Click on the bottom right icon, and tap "edit details" to add your contact information.

3. Join the event: Return to the app's home screen, and tap on the calendar icon in the top-left corner. Then, tap on our event and enter the passcode: NYTECHVIRTUAL

4. Start networking: Tap on anyone's profile to swap socials, contact information, and documents!

If you have any questions about the app, please email [email protected] or tweet at @hiosupport.

  • April 14, 2020 at 5:30pm – 8pm
  • Virtual Event - RSVP for Meeting URL
  • Andy Saldana