Startup Bootcamp: How to recruit the best people

Recruiting is one of the most important areas for founders to focus on. This session will focus on attracting, assessing, and closing the best people to join your team.

​This session of Startup Bootcamp will cover:

Attracting the best talent

​Building your employer brand

​Assessing talent for skill and fit

​Closing candidates


The class is primarily taught by Lynx Collective Co-Founder Andrew Chang, a 3x startup COO who has grown organizations from scratch to multi-billion dollar valuations. Most recently, he served seven years as the COO of Paxos, the blockchain infrastructure company.


​​This course culminates all the hard lessons learned and advice collected from operating startups over the past two decades. For the past three years, Andrew has taught hundreds of startup founders and leaders.


Format: This session is a mix of lecture, discussion, and workshop.


Who is this for? Anyone who wants to learn how to grow a startup organization—founders, operators, executives, and employees.

$50.00 USD · Purchase tickets