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Enjoying holidays or just sightseeing in Malang is indeed fun. Moreover, for those who like to explore on their own, of course, they need their own car that they can drive. Having trouble bringing a private car? Calm down, now comes your Travellora Tour Travel as a friendly travel companion. Curious about Surabaya Malang travel prices? Find out below.

Surabaya Malang Travel Prices And Services From Us

Surabaya Malang travel prices using Travellora are very affordable. Each passenger only has to pay a fare of Rp. 100,000 per person so you can enjoy the trip from Surabaya City to Malang or Travel Malang Surabaya. This rate is very affordable considering that Travellora provides maximum service in the form of:

1. Best & Classy Service

Travellora services provide the best and classy service. This is all done to maintain the comfort and safety of the passengers who use our services. Passenger comfort is a priority for our services. We will ensure that passengers can get to their destination safely.

2. Serving Door To Door Shuttle

For passengers who have a pick-up location or destination that is difficult to reach by public transportation or is not on the roadside, don't worry about not being able to get to the destination directly. Our services provide door to door pickup, this means that passengers will be picked up from their homes and delivered to the front of the destination.

3. Competitive Rates

For the Surabaya Malang travel rates that we offer are very affordable for all people, whether employees, students, students or the general public. This price is certainly very competitive and will not burden our customers.

4. Complete Departure Location

The location of travel departures from Surabaya and Malang and its surroundings is very complete. Starting from the city of Surabaya Malang, Batu City, Juanda Airport, Kepanjen, Sidorajo and vice versa. The presence of a complete departure location aims for passengers to get access to our travel.

5. Complete Departure Schedule

The pick-up and departure schedule from Travellora is in accordance with the general passenger departure schedule. The pick-up schedule is from 02.00 in the morning to 15.00 in the afternoon. With an estimated arrival at 05.00 in the morning and the latest at 20.00 at night.
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So you already know the prices we offer are even very cheap because of the facilities and services we provide. The service we provide is the best friendly, polite and of course excellent. You can count on us for your every trip from Surabaya to Malang or vice versa. Come on, don't wait too long, immediately contact us Travellora Tour and Travel for your trip.

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