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Sabety+Associates, PLLC is a technology law firm that understands innovative technology, electronic media businesses, and the creative people that drive their success. Our law practice focuses on businesses whose primary assets are advanced technology, software, creative works, and digital media. Whether patents, trademarks or copyrights, IT infrastructure or electronic content distribution, Sabety+Associates has done deals, conducted litigation or procured IP registrations for clients around the world. Clients value our inter-disciplinary and strategic approach.

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Why We Support New York Tech Alliance:

We love New York. For many years Ted Sabety has supported the urbanization of the technology industry because as a young engineer, he preferred living and working in an urban environment—which until recently seemed to preclude an engineering career other than academia. It seems obvious now, but it wasn’t back then: it’s where young talent wants to live and work. So, NYC is our home and where we have watched amazing stories unfold, like that of our client, and NY Tech alumni, Shopkeep. We advised Shopkeep regarding IP and technology law issues from their earliest days through their noteworthy acquisition in 2020. We support the NY Tech Alliance community, because we want to contribute to the success of the vibrant NY Tech community.

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We can help NY Tech Alliance Community members to plan for protecting and building the value of their intellectual property. Watch our free IP Toolkit for Startups video, and call or email us for a complimentary half hour consultation.

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In one workshop, Ted Sabety discusses what a startup should do early in its life to get on the right track. Early stage technology companies live and die on how they manage their IP. Startup companies that become valuable have managed their IP development well. Addressing these issues early and properly saves money and avoids legal crises. Ongoing IP asset portfolio development enhances the company’s prospects for financing and a lucrative exit. 

Three Takeaways:

    1. How to Get the Rights to Use your Technology, Content and Branding. This includes avoiding a tech license or branding blunder.
    2. How to Secure Ownership and Protection of your Technology, Content and Branding—including from your Customers and ex-Employees. This includes how to avoid contracting mistakes when you hire employees, consultants or contractors to create code, devices, data or content. Ted also discusses steps to consider and deadlines to meet in order to document your IP rights and register your ownership.
    3. How to Secure Rights in your Customer Data without Violating Privacy Law. This includes discussion about obtaining proper consent and the different legal regimes that apply

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Information, Knowledge, and Resources: