Digital Teardowns: Conducting SWOT Analysis in 2021

When there’s competition, SWOT analysis and digital teardowns can give you an advantage.  

You may have some ideas on differentiators and areas to invest in for growth, but which one is the best?  What else can you learn when you compare your performance to the competition online using their data?  How does that influence your competitive edge? 

Tune in for a virtual masterclass on Tuesday, April 27 at 10am EST / 2 pm GMT as we discuss what makes SWOT analysis such a powerful tool for market research. We’ll take a close look at the systematic approach to company research that any business can use as a foundation for strategic decision-making and growth in the digital world. 

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Conducting competitive research in 2021
  • Using traditional SWOT analysis vs. digital teardowns (SWOT with digital data)
  • Interpreting data and drawing actionable insights
  • Getting started with templates and resources 
  • Using Similarweb to power their SWOT analysis