Better Benchmarking: Beating the Competition with Similarweb & Mention

Whether your business is growing, or even shows signs of slowing there is one question that’s even more important: Are you outpacing your competition? Competitive Benchmarking will help you answer this question and it will get you the information you need to win your market. 

Tune in for a virtual masterclass with social media gurus from Mention on Wednesday, May 19 at 11AM NY / 4PM UK on the integral role competitive benchmarking plays in market research and strategic planning. Discover different benchmarking types and key digital metrics you can use to measure your performance online, and ultimately boost business growth. 

Topics include:

  • 2021 benchmarks to beat, including real-life examples from the publishers and media industry
  • The benchmarking strategy that’s best for your business
  • Competitive analysis on social media, including content audits 
  • Best practices for interpreting data and drawing actionable insights
  • Resources to get you started