Press List Signup

The NY Tech Alliance is proud to offer a mailing list exclusively for members of the press interested in covering our events, programs, and community. This list will provide early (and in some cases, exclusive) access to NY Tech Alliance news and announcements. Please take a moment to read our press policy below before submitting a request for a pass. Requests to join the press list can be submitted to

Special Note Regarding NY Tech Meetup (our signature monthly meetup event): 

One of the most important aspects of the NY Tech Meetups is that we try to make them accessible to everyone, and to do that we keep ticket prices at just $10. There are tens of thousands of NY Tech Alliance members and only about 850 seats at NYU’s Skirball Auditorium. When we hold tickets for media we are taking seats away from members of our community that want to participate. Since we want to be fair to our community in having access to tickets, the following guidelines now apply for media tickets:

1.) If you do not email, call or text Laurie Jakobsen (, office: 646-484-6764, cell: 917-697-2274) that you are still planning to come, your ticket will not be held after 7:15pm. Repeated no-shows will no longer be included in the NYTM media list.

2.) If there are multiple requests for tickets from the same outlet, an editor will need to send an email to Laurie Jakobsen noting each person’s NYTM-related assignment.

3.) We understand that sometimes you need to check out the scene before you can write a story. However, repeated attendance without coverage of the NYTM event or the companies that did NYTM demos will mean that you may not be given a ticket for future events.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at the next NYTM!