Mastercard Start Path

About Us:

Start Path is Mastercard's award-winning global program that enables tech startups to scale by providing unparalleled access to Mastercard's technology, expertise, and partners.

 Check out our Global Programand our early-stage program for underrepresented founders.

Why We Support New York Tech Alliance:

We support the NY Tech Alliance because we believe in the power of partnership as a source of innovation and progress. NY Tech Alliance has created an amazing community that empowers entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals, and we're excited to be part of it.

How Can We Work Together?

Our Offer to You

The Start Path team offers free pitch coaching to early-stage startups led by BIPOC or Female Founders. Email Aditya Rau to set up a feedback session.

Our Ask of You

Refer amazing fintech startups our way! 

Career Opportunities:

We're hiring! Check out New York-based career opportunities.

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