Züs SDK - NY Tech Alliance Hackathon


The NY Tech Alliance has partnered with Züs, a company that has built a decentralized storage platform that enables high-performance website hosting and privacy solutions for apps using the Züs SDK.

Through our new partnership, we are thrilled to invite tech enthusiasts, coders, and innovators from the NYTA community to participate in an upcoming virtual hackathon in partnership with Züs, July 10 - 17.

This is an incredible opportunity to leverage the Züs SDK and transform any app or website. By utilizing the Züs Cloud, you can experience faster upload and download speeds, lower costs, better business uptime, and empower your customers to control their data with absolute privacy.

The Hackathon Event starts at 10am EST on July 10 and will end at 10am EST on July 17. Both the start and end of the Hackathon will be announced on their Discord Hackathon channel: https://discord.gg/7JSzwpcK55.

Register for the hackathon using the link below!

To learn how to register click here.


To ensure a smooth participation, Züs’s team has prepared some resources that you'll need to get started:


The Hackathon Event will last 7 days and you will have support from our developers and product leads on their Discord channel from 10am EST to 2pm EST daily.

How to Participate:

First, form a team. The team can be just yourself or a maximum of 5. To form a team, you can look for them on their Discord in the Hackathon channel. Register your team and then organize your work among your other team members and work as many hours to get a minimum value proposition app or a website out. Remember to ask for help on their Discord channel and check out the documentation, samples, and their SDK.

Züs SDK:

Before diving in, make sure to familiarize yourself with their SDK. Visit their GitHub repository here and get a grasp of how it works.

Sample Apps:

Learn by example! Explore their sample apps for better understanding and inspiration. Check them out here:

Sample Web App
Sample Website

GitHub Repositories:

They have made the source code of their sample apps on GitHub. This can guide you in integrating the Züs SDK into your projects. Check out the links below:

Züs Example Web App
Züs Example Website
HelloWorld Android
HelloWorld iOS


  • While anyone can participate, preference will be given to the members of the NY Tech Alliance group to win prizes.  
  • You can work as many hours on your hackathon.
  • Do NOT plagiarize any submission or the code, and should be unique. 
  • The SDK integration for the website and web app is simple and documented on GitBook and this code can be copied or forked and used in your works.


  • Winner - 5000 ZCN
  • Runner-up - 3000 ZCN
  • 3rd place - 2000 ZCN
  • Consolation - your submission, if it meets certain quality standards, will still be included on the website so that you can market your accomplishment to anyone.   
  • The prizes are distributed evenly among the team members.


To register for the Hackathon visit the Züs SDK website here

  • July 10, 2023 at 10:00am – July 17, 2023
  • Doug Binette