Nailing the Investor Pitch: A Workshop for Startup Founders


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Of the many crunch points in the life of a successful startup, perhaps nothing looms larger than the investor pitch. As angel and VC financing is vital for many startups to achieve their objectives, being able to communicate a compelling vision of the company to potential investors is a critical skill for founders.

This virtual workshop will feature a panel of accomplished pitch consultants and early-stage investors, all of them expert in helping founders succeed when the stakes are at their highest. Together, the panel will address the essentials of investor pitching, including the following:

  • Elements of a successful investor pitch
  • Techniques for preparing and getting comfortable with pitching
  • Understanding what investors are looking for and how to address their concerns

The event will include breakout sessions with the panelists to provide a more hands-on opportunity for skills development.

It will be a valuable opportunity whether you are currently pitching to angels or VC investors or are looking to do so in the future.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this is an interactive event, it will not be recorded or made available for subsequent viewing.


11:30am -  Virtual Networking

11:50am - Event Begins

11:50 - 12:00pm - Welcome & Program Introduction

    Andy Saldaña, Executive Director, NY Tech Alliance

    Paul Ellis, Managing Partner, Paul Ellis Law Group

12:00 - 12:20pm - Panelist Introductions              

    Will Carlin, CEO & Founder, Speakable 

    Julie Lerner, Angel Investor, 37 Angels

    Marie Perruchet, Author & Coach, One Perfect Pitch

12:20pm - Rotating Workshops (you can attend 2 out of the 3 workshops, descriptions below)

12:20 - 12:40pm - Workshop Choice 1 

12:40 - 1:00pm - Workshop Choice 2 

1:00 - 1:30pm - Event Conclusion followed by Virtual Networking


The format for this event will be a combination of panel discussion and smaller workshops with networking happening before and after the event.  

Everyone will begin watching the same 30-minute introduction session. After this introductory session, each attendee will choose 2 of the 3 workshop options to attend. 

At 12:20pm, attendees will move to Workshop Choice 1. Each workshop will last 20-minutes.

At 12:40 PM, attendees will move to Workshop Choice 2.

At 1:00 PM, all attendees will be asked to congregate together to wrap up. 



In this session, Will Carlin will share the surprising answers to three of the most important questions people have about pitching online: Is there a way to be personable online? What’s the most essential part of a pitch, and how do I master it? Is there a way to ensure an audience doesn’t check email when I share my screen? Come hear the surprising answers and ask your own.

OPTION 2: FIRST IMPRESSIONS - WHAT NOT TO DO with Julie Lerner, Angel Investor, 37 Angels

As they say, first impressions are everything, and it’s no different when it comes to approaching investors.  Making a good first impression is crucial.  The tough part is you don’t have long to get it right.  Some research suggests that you have mere seconds.  Scary, right?  But, there are techniques on what to do or and what NOT to do to interest potential investors in your startup!  Join Julie to discuss her favorite not-to-do's and get feedback on your pitch!

OPTION 3: ONE PERFECT PITCH - A STORYTELLING STRATEGY TO PITCHING with Marie Perruchet, Author & Coach, One Perfect Pitch

Entrepreneurs need to know how to pitch a VC or an angel investor successfully. Few technology entrepreneurs know how to communicate clearly what their businesses do, what makes their product or service unique and tell their company’s stories compellingly. In an interactive conversation with founders, Marie will share some elements from her book “One Perfect Pitch” to create your “storytelling strategy,” to pitch for venture capital funds and angel investors and will provide some feedback on a pitch.


Some of the workshops will include a limited opportunity for 1-2 founders to pitch during the session. 

IMPORTANT: If you would like to be considered to pitch, you must be prepared with a 3-minute pitch complete with a slide deck you can complete in 3 minutes, and you should be prepared for a few minutes of Q & A/Feedback from the EXPERT and other participants. Those who would like to be considered to pitch must connect to the event at 11:30am.


Paul Ellis, Managing Partner, Paul Ellis Law Group LLC

As Managing Partner of the 9-lawyer Paul Ellis Law Group, Paul counsels on issues including formation, early-stage financing (friends and family, angel and VC), joint venture and strategic partnering relationships, employment, equity plans, mergers and acquisitions, and, together with his colleagues, protection and licensing of intellectual property. Beyond the internet/mobile/IT industries, he has practiced in industries including telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, banking, real estate, consumer products, and entertainment. He has represented companies ranging from startups to multinationals, as well as funds and individual and institutional investors.


Will Carlin, CEO & Founder, Speakable 

Will Carlin is the founder and CEO of Speakable, a company that specializes in helping executives and organizations with high-stakes presentations. The former Managing Partner at three different marketing/advertising agencies, Will has coached 55 out of 55 clients to winning or achieving their goals, often against extreme odds. He has coached NYU Wagner to two national titles and three second place finishes in five years at a national graduate school presentation competition; he has coached a start-up to win a national venture capital competition with a $500k first prize (over almost 300 competitors); and he has helped an organization go from fourth place prior to oral presentations to winning a $450 million pitch to the City of New York over Accenture, Oracle and IBM. Will was the two-time US number one player and National Champion in squash and is a world-renowned emcee for four major professional squash titles. He attended Yale as an undergrad, Harvard for post-bac pre-med studies and Columbia Business School where he earned an MBA.

Julie Lerner, Angel Investor, 37 Angels

Julie Lerner is an Angel Investor with 37 Angels. She is the Founder of The Failure Report, a blog dedicated to discovering what not to do through interviews with successful entrepreneurs and investors.  Julie is a graduate of the Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, France, with an MBA and Northwestern University, with a BS in Radio, Television, Film.  She also has certificates from the International Culinary Center in culinary arts and wine. Julie is a startup mentor at Columbia University Venture Community, Almaworks, Zahn Innovation Center (City College of New York), Food Future, EntreFEST, and LVLUP.  Julie presented at EntreFest 2021 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on potential pitfalls for early-stage entrepreneurs. 

Marie Perruchet, Author & Coach, One Perfect Pitch

Marie is the author of "One Perfect Pitch, how to sell your idea, your product, your business or yourself" published at McGraw-Hill. Born in South Korea, she grew up in Normandy. Fascinated by the adventures found in her reading fairy tales, she embraced early on a career in journalism to go on her own adventures. She started working in Brussels, for Radio France and then travelled to New Delhi and Shanghai, for major news publications (RFI, BBC World Service) as a Foreign Correspondent. After the Beijing games in 2008, she moved to Silicon Valley and helped startup CEOs mine their stories. She coached founders and business executives, to pitch and raise +50M dollars in funding with Silicon Valley investors.



  • February 10, 2022 at 11:30am – 1:30pm
  • Virtual
  • Kallie Aultman

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