Mobile Technology and Social Change

How is mobile technology being used as a tool for social change and justice?

Wednesday February 22, 2012, 12:00 AM
1290 Ave. of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
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Since the rise of the personal computer, one of the promises of the digital revolution has been democratization. Mobile computing and wireless networking have become the catalyst for delivering on that promise. Millions of people around the world see mobile networking as the most accessible, most powerful tool they have for making their voices heard - voices for social justice, voices for change, voices seeking the most basic of help.

If you are looking for insights to drive powerful social+mobile strategies, if you want to understand what drives the most passionate users in the world, if you want to know what lies at the heart of engagement, join our panel presentation and discussion on Mobile Technology and Social Change. Our presenters will give you forward looking insight into the ways that social connectivity is being integrated into the basics fabric of mobile operating systems, how much more pervasive mobile computing is than you ever thought, and how even the simplest of text messages can radically change the future, one life at a time.


Dani DiazDani Diaz (@DaniDiaz), Developer Evangelist, Microsoft - Dani Diaz is a Microsoft Developer Evangelist where he helps developers understand Microsoft's product offerings and strategy. His main focus area is Windows Phone development. Prior to Microsoft, he lead a team of mobile developers for a large consulting company in Philadelphia. He is active in the Philly geek scene and plays around with many different technologies in his spare time.

J.D. Hollis, Founder, near/far studio - J.D. Hollis J.D. is an interaction designer and strategist interested in the sometimes messy intersections of networked technologies and the physical world. He has been programming since the age of six in a variety of languages and environments. In 2011, J.D. co-founded button-down bird, a boutique publisher of fiction for children, and designed its first book, When Comes What Darkly Thieves. Most recently, he has been working at Urbanscale on the specific problems of the networked city.

Michelle FanzoMichelle Fanzo, Founder, Four Corners Consulting - Michelle founded the strategic consulting firm Four Corners Consulting in 2009, and works with change agents, innovative companies, and mission-based organizations that want to make something better than it is today. She has 13 years experience in international affairs, a field where mobile technology is increasingly integrated into humanitarian and development activities. Michelle has worked in the office of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Africa, Asia and most recently Afghanistan supporting peacekeeping, development and humanitarian operations. Michelle is a Fellow at the World Policy Institute, a competitive skydiver and ashtanga yoga instructor.

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