March 28, 2012


MyStream is a "wireless headphone splitter" that allows users to share music or any audio file across multiple devices. "I always wanted to hear to what my friends were playing on their iPods since they had great music, but I hated sharing their headphones and only hearing the audio in one ear. When the iPhone came out and I thought that a direct device-to-device(s) streaming functionality might be possible, I decided to try to bring it to life and with the help of an incredible team, we have materialized that premise and taken it to the limit," says Founder and CEO Richard Zelson.

Tailored to Apple devices, MyStream is an application that enables music lovers to legally share their digital music files by streaming over Bluetooth or WiFi. Because MyStream does not store any of the digital content there are no issues with piracy.

Richard Zelson
MyStream CEO Richard Zelson
On a Bluetooth connection, five users can plug in at the same time and that number balloons to over 20 on WiFi. Therefore, users are not tethered together by cords and can enjoy their music, podcasts, unprotected audio books, and the like while situated in different locations within the same area. In addition, the app does not require an internet connection, so data plans are untouched and New Yorkers can actually use it in the underground subway. Another benefit is the ability for users to access playlists not currently in use. This means that multiple users can listen to different playlists from the same device at the same time. If a song is particularly enjoyable, it can be instantly purchased on iTunes with a single click.

Founder Richard Zelson came up with the idea in 2006 while commuting on a crowded train in Italy and found it nearly impossible to share a pair of headphones with a friend as they maneuvered through a sea of commuters. He thought, "there has to be an easier way to share music." MyStream launched on iTunes in 2010 and gained instant popularity. At the time of this interview, the app has been downloaded 39,000 times, updated 120,000 times and used in 90 countries. It has even been called an "Awesome App" by Rolling Stone and featured as a LifeHacker App of the Day.

In the works for 2012 is an Android-version and potential expansion to the 3G and 4G networks. "With a number of potential partnerships in the works and expansion to the Android platform, 2012 is looking to be a great year for MyStream," says Richard.


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