Product development during pandemic. Opportunities, challenges, how-to?

Some products will become obsolete in the new reality. It's going to be hard to raise new funding at the moment. Only reliable products or the ideas that answer current needs have chances to succeed in raising capital. People's behaviors and habits are changing. This opens up new possibilities. Now the speed matters. It is the best time to look for better ways of doing things.

Lean and Agile methods are well known and battle-tested. Based on our experience we will present how to go live with a product in less than 3 months. We will answer your questions. Participants will also receive a valuable guidebook.

- Introduction (5 min)
- Impact of the current situation on business - challenges and opportunities (20 min)
- How to go live with the product in less than 3 months (30 min)
- Case studies (20 min)
- Q&A (15 min)

This is an online event.