NYC meets Silicon Valley Tech & Startups

Are you a NYC startup, tech or business leader interested in what's going on in the Silicon Valley tech & startup system?

Interested in expanding or potentially partnering with a Silicon Valley based company?

What's going on in the Silicon Valley ecosystem and how will that affect your work in NYC?

Why should we care about these developments in Silicon Valley tech as a NYC venture?


Join us on Tuesday September 15th as we discuss these questions and more at our NYC Meets Silicon Valley Tech: Exploring Future Trends & Opportunities virtual summit. Our panel of experts from across the local tech community in Silicon Valley will share their knowledge, expertise and experience on a variety of issues relevant not only to startups, corporations and investors based in Silicon Valley, but mentors and organizations who wish to partner with or start their own tech & startup ventures in Silicon Valley.


Among the topics we’ll cover through our one hour NYC Meets Silicon Valley Tech: Exploring Future Trends & Opportunities discussion are:

How has COVID-19 affected Silicon Valley's viability as a global leader in tech?

What are Silicon Valley based startups doing to adapt to today's socially distant world?

What role will tech-driven innovation play in reopening and reimagining Silicon Valley?

How would today's tech leaders "sell" Silicon Valley as a destination for early and growth stage startups in this "new normal"?



What is Cities of Tech?

Cities of Tech is a live video podcast series exploring the impact and outlook of tech and business ecosystems across the globe. Each session brings together leaders from a specific locale to discuss trends, opportunities, issues and best practices from different angles From government and advocacy to startups and accelerators, we offer an unparalleled peek into the fabric of the communities powering tomorrow’s innovations.


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