Community Lighting Talks 3

Get a chance to present an insight on a problem you have or a startup/project you are working on!

Join us on Thursday, August 6, 5PM (SG time) for our GST community lighting talks. GST is a global community we have organized 100+ live events and 15 webinars since the pandemic started with over 700 attendees in total

Now is an interesting opportunity to do an open call to our global community. Get an opportunity to present an insight on a problem they're facing or an idea for a startup/project they are working on. The goal will be to kickstart collaborations, get immediate feedback on your idea from our community, develop partnerships and more.

It will be in a lightning talk format with a max amount of 3 minutes for each talk. Presentations have to be on point, concise and avoid too much fluff!

These are the projects presenting:

  • Patricia Bader-Johnston/ James Merrick-Millichap - Vitabeam - Hacking Covid with Light
  • Ayite Ajavon - Payment gateways limitations for Africans enterprises
  • Emanuel Teah Sthiam - GrowBiz
  • David Yeng- Insurance is dead. Long live insurance!
  • Oscar Trelles - Instapanel APAC expansion
  • Ashish Patel - videolli: start your own virtual events business
  • Philippe Tzou - How is our IoT startup disrupting the global OG Massive IoT market?
  • Aushim Channarong - Economic Innovation & Resilience
  • Allen Kambuni - Proximity Trade. Enabling Africa's trade evolution through accessible technology


  • August 06, 2020 at 5:00pm – 6:30pm
    Na, NA NA
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  • Layla Lopez