¡Atrévete! I Colors of Cafecito: The Diversity of Latinidad

The U.S. Hispanic/Latino population is complex. Some of us identify as Latinx, Latino/a, Hispanic, Tejano, Nuyorican, Afro-Cuban, Mexican-American, Quisqueyano, Chicana, among many other terms.

According to the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, our Latinx community represent over 27 countries of origin. Some speak Spanish, some of are immigrants, some are Latinx but not hispanic, some are second and third generations, and do not speak Spanish.. and this intricacy is best understood as intersectionality. Intersectionality is the way all of our multiple identities or diversity dimensions intersect. The consideration of intersectionality allows for awareness in not considering groups singularly but in various classes and as individuals.

This event will be a carrousel of Latinx stories, sharing the perspectives of different members of our community that often hear phrases like: You Don’t Look Latina!, Oh! I didn't think you were [insert nationality], you don't look it, and other experiences of colorism or marginalization within our own communities.