Yorkseed Venture Summit

Join us for an enriching half-day venture summit tailored for founders and investors, featuring a diverse array of engaging discussions and networking opportunities. Our program will cover the following key topics:

​1. **Capital Raising:** Learn effective strategies and best practices for raising capital to fuel your startup's growth and expansion.

​2. **Due Diligence:** Gain insights into the due diligence process and discover how to conduct thorough assessments to ensure informed investment decisions.

​3. **Impact Investing:** Explore the growing trend of impact investing and discover how you can align financial goals with positive social and environmental outcomes.

​4. **Founders Pitching:** Connect with potential partners, mentors, and investors in fast-paced networking sessions designed to foster meaningful collaborations.

​5. **Seeding Success - Fundraising for Startups:** Get practical advice and actionable tips on navigating the fundraising landscape and securing crucial early-stage funding for your startup.

​6. **Hustler Talk:** Hear inspiring stories and valuable insights from successful entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success in the startup world.

​7. **Bridging the Gap Between US and the Rest of the World:** Explore opportunities for international expansion and learn how to navigate cultural and regulatory differences to succeed in global markets.

​8. **Venture Insight Exchange: Community Wisdom in Investing**

​9. **Investing in AI and Blockchain:** Gain a deeper understanding of the potential of AI and blockchain technologies and discover investment opportunities in these cutting-edge fields.

​10. **Yorkseeder Meet and Greet:** Connect with fellow members of the Yorkseeder community in a relaxed and informal setting, share ideas, and forge valuable connections.

​Join us for an inspiring and insightful summit designed to equip founders and investors with the knowledge, resources, and connections needed to thrive in the dynamic world of startups and venture capital.


  • June 04, 2024 at 12:00pm – 6pm
  • Yorkseed Venture Summit
    New York, NY
    United States
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  • $50.00 USD
  • Jessica Wong

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