Invonto Announces $5M Tech Assistance Program for Small Businesses Affected by Coronavirus

We understand the impact the current crisis is having on small and medium-sized businesses across the USA. Many businesses are finding it difficult to stay operational and support customers remotely. Without the proper technology infrastructure, we fear many businesses will not be able to stay efficient and retain their customers for long. We believe that the right technology has the power to help businesses meet customer needs, maintain revenue streams, and support employees.

In an effort to support struggling US businesses affected by the crisis, Invonto launched a $5 million tech assistance program to partner with businesses in need of improving their technology solutions. 
We are extending our support with several key initiatives:

  • We will host client applications on our Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure infrastructure at no cost for one year.
  • We will provide development and support resources on an hourly basis without requiring any commitments and retainer fees. No project is too small.
  • We will offer a pay-as-you-go model that includes no down payments. Payments can be deferred up to 60 days from the initiation of our services.
  • We will substantially reduce our development and consulting fees for new projects.
  • We will expand our services to help businesses support and maintain existing systems to ensure they stay operational.

Find eligibility requirements and more information on our COVID-19 Tech Assistance Program Announcement.

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