Daria Siegel serves as Vice President of Technology Initiatives at New York City Economic Development Corporation supporting the growth of the technology industry to create opportunities for all New Yorkers. In this role, Daria launches programs and works with ecosystem partners to grow NYC’s innovation ecosystem with a focus on diversity and inclusion in tech. The Tech Team at NYCEDC works to support emerging sectors including AI/ML, blockchain/web3, and cybersecurity and their applications across life sciences and the green economy. Daria’s experience has been at the intersection of community building and economic development. In her previous role at the Alliance for Downtown New York, Daria built and managed LMHQ, a collaborative shared workspace designed to support the growing creative industries in Lower Manhattan. Daria forged strategic partnerships with thought leaders and organizations which grew to serve thousands through events and membership. Daria received a Masters of Urban Planning from New York University.

Christian Chemaly

Christian Chemaly is a citizen of the world by passion and an entrepreneur at heart. As the founder of Polar Stork, a global product studio, Christian has embarked on a journey of innovation and leadership, launching multiple startups across the globe. His mission is to break boundaries and create an environment where his team can thrive and grow. Under Christian’s guidance, Polar Stork has assembled an international team that excels in building tech solutions for startups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies. An optimist at heart, Christian has a knack for always finding the right angle to any situation. He has a soft spot for a good joke and a strong sense of humor, which endears him to his colleagues and partners alike.

Natasha Persad

Natasha Persad is a strategic Human Resources business leader with over 20 years of global Fortune 500 HR Executive experience and Co-Founder/CEO of The HRXperts. Demonstrated problem solver across multiple industries with expertise in change management, deep business knowledge, and a proven ability to partner with senior executives to drive human capital initiatives that achieve key business goals.

As a DEI Champion and Advocate, Natasha develops strategies for sustainable diversity, inclusion, and equitable programs aligning with a company’s business goals, values, and change efforts for the advancement and retention of underrepresented professionals within a work culture of respect and belonging. Through her work with Gender Fair, UN Women’s Council, and Lean In, she helps change employment practices that hinder the advancement of women.

Natasha is an advisor to CEOs and Boards with a specialty in realizing the revenue generating benefits of a strategic human resources operation and leveraging people management to be an organization’s approach for success. She encourages organizations and individuals to dream big and is an expert in personal empowerment.

Natasha holds an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business.