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Insights from Sabety

Visit our website for information on how our practice can serve your business: Click here Watch our free video workshops: Watch Here In one workshop, Ted Sabety discusses what a startup should do early in its life to get on the right track. Early stage technology companies live and die on how they manage their IP. Startup companies that become valuable have managed their IP development well. Addressing these issues early and properly saves money and avoids legal crises. Ongoing IP asset portfolio development enhances the company’s prospects for financing and a lucrative exit.  Three Takeaways: How to Get the Rights to Use your Technology, Content and Branding. This includes avoiding a tech license or branding blunder. How to Secure Ownership and Protection of your Technology, Content and Branding—including from your Customers and ex-Employees. This includes how to avoid contracting mistakes when you hire employees, consultants or contractors to create code, devices, data or content. Ted also discusses steps to consider and deadlines to meet in order to document your IP rights and register your ownership. How to Secure Rights in your Customer Data without Violating Privacy Law. This includes discussion about obtaining proper consent and the different legal regimes that apply Watch Here

Insights from EisnerAmper

  How to Prepare for Your Next Fund Raise - hosted by The CEO’s Right Hand  Recorded July 9, 2020 Panelists William Lieberman, Founder & Managing Partner, The CEO's Right Hand Eric Meisner, Partner & Chief Operating Officer, The CEO's Right Hand John Pennett, Partner in charge of Technology and Life Science practice at EisnerAmper LLP Watch Here!   Your Company Financials - What The Hell Do You Do Now? - hosted by The CEO's Right Hand Recorded April 16, 2020 Panel Leader Eric Meisner, Partner, The CEO's Right Hand Panelists - William Lieberman, Founder & Managing Partner, The CEO's Right Hand -Eric Menke, Partner, Growth Capital -John Pennett, Partner in charge of Technology and Life Science practice at EisnerAmper LLP

Insights from Verizon

Engage with our 5G Labs At Verizon’s 5G Labs we work with local innovators to grow the 5G ecosystem. Together, we explore the boundaries of 5G network technology, co-create new applications and hardware, and rethink what’s possible in a 5G world. The 5G Lab works with startups, academia and enterprise teams to build a 5G-powered world. We work on 5G trials, hackathons, industry partnerships, prototyping challenges and more. To learn more, please visit our 5G Labs website. Bridging the Digital Divide In 2021, Verizon released a white paper: “Accelerating America: Affordability - Adoption - Access.” The paper outlines a proposal that Congress fund a new broadband benefit program to provide monthly subsidies of $20-50 to low-income consumers to use to purchase broadband services. This plan would help ensure that all Americans are connected to the internet by addressing three critical objectives for federal and state broadband policy: affordability, adoption, and access. To learn more, please visit our Accelerating America website.  Verizon Small Business Training Program Verizon is making a multi-year commitment to bring one million small businesses forward by 2030 with resources to help them thrive in the digital economy. Verizon’s training program will provide in-depth assistance through end-to-end resources - including curriculum, mentorship, networking and incentives, such as 5G products and services and connection to affordable capital - with the goal of engaging 100,000 businesses per year. Full details will be available in May.  For the latest information, please visit our Small Business Training website. 

Insights from NationBuilder

Events & Community Building NationBuilder hosts events online and in person all around the world that provide thought leadership to anyone looking to create change in the world. We also host product demos and strategic webinars that are open to all NYTA members. At the core of NationBuilder is our community, we provide a number of community events throughout the year, starting with our flagship monthly story circles.  Ecosystem Opportunities Over the past eleven years, NationBuilder’s community has been an essential part of our growth and evolution as we’ve worked toward our vision of a world where everyone can create what they are meant to create. That community is made up not only of our team and our partners, but also the thousands of customers we serve around the world. We see our responsibility to that community as not only building the software tools they need to lead, but also helping them get the support and guidance to use those tools effectively.  A critical part of supporting our customers is ensuring they can get qualified, talented help, whether that’s by finding short-term assistance on a project or hiring full-time team members. There are a number of certifications that you can take to become an active part of the NationBuilder ecosystem:  Architects are certified NationBuilder designers who design, develop and implement custom NationBuilder website themes. Certified NationBuilder Agencies provide full-service capabilities for NationBuilder customers. Having acquired all of our certifications, they offer proven proficiency in web design, application development, and NationBuilder product knowledge. From mobile apps that make field organizing easy, to supporter engagement tools for connecting constituents with elected officials—our ecosystem of integrated apps takes the capabilities of NationBuilder to the next level. NationBuilder Experts are strategic thinkers and facilitators with unique skill sets to help communities organize online. They are available to help customers get data into their nation, configure workflows, and set up customers front facing website to help them make NationBuilder work for their needs.

Insights from Grasshopper Bank

Watch this great conversation with CEO, Judith Erwin & 51 Labs