Global Health Summit (Virtual)

Hear from experts, industry leaders an influencers on how to prepare yourself during the COVID19 epidemic.

About this Event

The Global Health Summit is an international virtual program featuring 25 motivational speakers, healthcare experts and cultural icons addressing 1000 digital delegates in real time. It’s leading mission is to spark conversation on pandemic preparedness and to raise the social consciousness of global health in 2020 and beyond. The virtual live series will feature a range of pertinent topics that seek to empower and enable stakeholders to address the third sustainable development goal of Health and Wellbeing for all.


The Global Health Summit launches at the start of a new decade during an unprecedented and uncertain time in global healthcare. This edition of the Global Health Summit will serve to highlight some of the most pressing contemporary global health challenges such as the coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19 national strategy, mental health ecosystems, and other pertinent topics in healthcare that are currently taking the back stage such as (nutritional health, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc). The summit will also address topics such as globalization, crisis management, pandemic equipment devices, food security, and workforce shortages, technological disruptions..


In addition to discussion topics stated before, the summit also serves to teach fundamentals of future technology, investment into the healthcare industry, business development in the health space and leading social impact applications of Ai, VR, Nanotechnology, space, and blockchain technologies and how these will altogether converge for the future of Health and Care.

Areas to be discussed:


Coronavirus pandemic,

Covid-19 national strategy,

Mental health ecosystem

nutritional health and food security

Other areas of health concern: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc

Globalization and crisis management,

Pandemic equipment devices,

Technological disruptions and impact on healthcare

Access to Health care

Strengthening of Health Systems and the Global Health Workforce

Globalization, Crisis and Health Systems: Confronting Regional Perspective

Growing challenges chronic diseases

Global Health: Interconnected Challenges, Integrated Solutions

Sustainable and Affordable Innovations in Healthcare

Global Health Precision in the digital age

  • May 28, 2020 at 10:00am – 3pm
    GSE HQ Skyline Office
    10 Hudson Yards, New York, NY, USA
    New York City, NY 10001
    United States
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  • Leticia Boateng