Future of Work Bootcamp (Virtual) 2020

Future of Work Bootcamp

This intense multi hour bootcamp will go over all the tools, resources and strategies needed for you to prepare for the future of work.

GSE Training Sessions:

For Individuals: (Freelance, Gig Economy, Entrepreneur Development)

How to future proof your future

  • How to build your remote work career

  • How to build your personal brand in the digital age

  • Mental health and remote work life balance


For Companies: (Startups, SME, Corporate Innovation)

How to build a remote workforce of the future

  • Remote hiring, training and management

  • Remote platforms for project management

  • From the office to the home: building smart working environments


For All: (Ecosystem Preparation)

How to prepare for workforce disruption

  • Trends of the future workforce

  • Future technological disruptions in Ai,Blockchain,Nano,space etc

  • Data analytics and automation

  • Diversity and inclusion