Whiteboarding Challenge with Mentors

A whiteboard challenge is a typical technical interview in the hiring process for UX design roles. It is where the hiring managers and the team give a design problem and evaluate how the candidates tackle it. It is more about how candidates collaborate with the team than what is being created on the spot.

In this workshop, we will practice a whiteboard challenge together with the mentors and learn from how mentors approach these challenges themselves.


About the Instructor

Anthony Conta Photo

Senior Product Designer, Vimeo

Anthony is an award winning Product Design Leader with nearly a decade of design experience. From tabletop game design, to interactive entertainment, to digital product design, his work spans across media, education, and technology. Currently, Anthony is working as a Senior Product Designer at Vimeo on live-streaming products. In his spare time, he teaches design, mentors emerging designers, and plays the guitar.

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Medium: @anthony.conta

Portfolio: https://www.anthonyconta.com/

Jasmine Rosen Photo

Sr. User Experience Designer, Autodesk

Jasmine is a Sr. User Experience Designer at Autodesk in San Francisco, previously at Momentive.ai (formerly SurveyMonkey). After hours you can find her blogging, watching a ridiculous amount of tv, or dancing (not the TikTok kind). As a former teacher, Jasmine is passionate about developing people as much as she is developing products.

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Medium: jasminerosen.medium.com

Twitter: @jasminenrosen

Jasha Aitchison Photo

Senior Product Designer, Learnosity

Jasha is a Senior Product Designer with a background in visual design and a passion for user research.  She is currently working as a freelance designer and user researcher in e-commerce and the NFT/cryptocurrency gaming industries. She is always learning from others and loves to share and support people through mentorship or listening and feedback sessions. Outside of work, she loves drawing, painting, and hanging out with her doggie Nelson.

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Portfolio: http://jashamichele.com/