Soft Skills and its Power in Managing Everything

This month with, we've got our guest speaker, Deanie Hoxter Levine from Pond5 will dive into how she manages her professional and personal life as a working parent. She'll also share her tips on career transitions, leadership, advocacy of your work, and salary negotiation. RSVP for a hour of packed insights!

About the Instructor

Courtney Brand Photo

Founder & CEO, thelighthouse

Courtney Brand is the Founder and CEO of thelighthouse. Prior to thelighthouse, she worked as a Management Consultant for 5 years in New York, Shanghai, and Beijing, selling and delivering work to top clients including Alibaba, Apple, Mercedes, Porsche, and Danone. After working for two years in New York, Courtney was transferred to PwC’s Shanghai office to help launch the firm’s new digital and innovation consulting practice in China which became the second highest revenue-generating team. As the Founder and CEO of thelighthouse, she is working to empower professionals with the network, insights, and support to thrive in their ever-changing careers and the fast changing world of work. She speaks Mandarin Chinese and French and graduated from Georgetown University.

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Director, Head of Customer Lifecycle, Pond5

Deanie started her career in the arts - after completing a major in Art History and working with galleries in New York, Philadelphia, and Italy, she landed at the online marketplace, Artnet. It was there that Deanie transitioned into a project management role, eventually choosing to leave the arts professionally to work as a Project Manager for an ecommerce development agency. Now, after several years in the stock media space with Pond5, Deanie leads their Customer Lifecycle team, taking a customer-centric view into the strategy and management of Pond5's marketing functions, acquisition channels, and more.

Deanie enjoys the process-oriented nature of project management and operations and feels strongly that communication is the key to its success. She believes it's the fundamental soft skills like communication, organization, and more that allow you to build strong relationships, advocate for yourself, take on career transitions, and take ownership of your success.

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