Non-Tech Roles in Tech: How to Leverage Your Transferable Skills for a Tech Job | March 23

About This Event

Is the tech industry calling your name but you don’t have (or want!) technical skills and don’t know where you could fit with the skills you do have?

We got you. When you think of the tech industry you likely picture software engineers and product folks, but there is a vast world of non-technical roles waiting for people with your skillset. Transferable skills are transferable for a reason after all. Hospitality, healthcare, customer service, retail, education, and the list goes on, make for some of THE BEST tech industry employees.

Join WorkWell Founders, Whitney and Lucy, for a workshop on the cold hard facts about what it takes to break into tech and have you examine the skills you can leverage RIGHT NOW to make moves in 2021. They’ve coached 1000+ people into high paying tech jobs and know exactly what it takes to land both technical and non-technical roles at a company you are actually excited about!

About the Instructor

Whitney Cole Photo

Co-Founder, WorkWell

Whitney's career began in the service and retail industries, waiting tables in Washington, DC and supporting people at Apple's genius bar. While her career meandered through multiple industries, including higher education, edtech, and wellness, the theme throughout has always been her love of empowering people. She broke into the Silicon Valley tech scene in 2015 with a stealth mode startup as the 8th hire after getting fired from her corporate job and has been thriving ever since. She started coaching job seekers pursuing roles in tech a few years later and is now the Co-Founder of WorkWell, a Job Search and Interview Skills Accelerator that has supported 1000+ folks break into and thrive in the tech industry. She loves guiding job seekers to high paying jobs they are excited about making more money than they thought possible.

About Our Partners

WorkWell's Founders, Lucy Basta and Whitney Cole, have coached 1000+ marketing and sales professionals, lawyers, engineers, product managers, customer success and finance folks, and more to successfully land jobs in high paying tech companies, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Tesla, Airbnb and dozens of other industry leaders. They excel in supporting job seekers effectively break into tech from industries such as retail, education, hospitality, healthcare, and non-profit.

WorkWell’s programs are designed to guide clients to identify their unique value add in today’s market to land the most competitive job offers in tech. Through WorkWell’s programs, clients will create an effective job search plan, master the skill of interviewing, and build their networks to powerfully land their dream jobs, all while developing essential interpersonal skills that will empower them to thrive for the rest of their careers. Learn more about WorkWell:

Coaching has been a transformational tool in their lives and allows them to be of service to others in a deeply meaningful way. What continues to drive them is witnessing their clients develop, embody their power and flourish! They believe that a fulfilling career that pays well has a massive impact on all areas of life and are motivated to help others achieve results in this space.

  • March 23, 2022 at 12:00am – 1:09am
  • Online
    New York, NY 10010
    United States
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