Whether you are looking to move up, pivot your focus, or find the right next role, build a professional story that helps you stand out. You’ll learn and apply best practices to enhance your LinkedIn profile for increased searchability, reach, and overall impact of your professional brand.

LinkedIn is the place to build your professional identity online and discover new opportunities. In this session, led by NYC Career Coach, Lupe Colangelo, you’ll hear how to position yourself in front of potential employers and increase the number of opportunities that come your way. The session will be focused on how to leverage LinkedIn to get in contact with recruiters and other professionals in the field.


  • How job seekers can make their Linkedin profile stand out.
  • By the end of this session, participants will know and how to be proactive job seeker using Linkedin.
  • Walk through of how seekers can be intentional with their communication with recruiters or professionals in their perspective fields.

About the Expert

Lupe Colangelo Photo

 Career Coach,
General Assembly

Lupe is a Career Coach at General Assembly's NYC Campus. Lupe's background is in psychology and the facilitation of habit change. As a certified coach, her philosophy centers around helping others set achievable goals and developing the step-by-step roadmap to complete them.

As a Career Coach for General Assembly, Lupe helps students break into the fields of UX Design and Software Engineering with the tools they need to succeed at each stage of their careers. She believes in using person-first motivational interviewing and proven career development strategies to empower students to find their own success.