Create Your Financial Legacy Series: Secure Financial Sustainability | November 9th

About This Event

The hardest part of dealing with money is figuring out where to start. We're dealing with debt, taxes, the racial wealth divide, compound interest, and now the word ‘fungible.’ It's overwhelming until you break down what you need, what you have, and what’s important to you.

We're here to break down the Five Brunch & Budget Financial Stages to go from insecurity to legacy, share bite-size action steps, & start building wealth now.

This 5-part workshop series will go through each of the b&b Financial Stages one by one:

  • Financial Safety - you’re living paycheck to paycheck
  • Financial Stability - you’re able to handle emergencies without breaking the bank
  • Financial Sustainability - your finances are leading towards long lasting wealth
  • Financial Independence - your wealth allows you to live exactly how you want
  • Financial Legacy - your wealth is going to last beyond your lifetime

Don’t let this inequitable system break us down. Start building your financial legacy today!

About the Instructor

Pam Capalad Photo

Founder & Financial Planner, Brunch & Budget

Pamela Capalad is a Certified Financial PlannerTM and Accredited Financial CounselorTM whose mission is to make financial planning affordable for those who need it most. She founded Brunch & Budget to provide people with a safe and friendly place to speak openly and make financial progress. Her work has been featured in publications including the Washington Post, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, and Vice Magazine.

MC Dyalekt Photo

MC & Hip Hop Educator

Brian "Dyalekt" Kushner is a hip-hop MC and the director of pedagogy at Pockets Change, where he uses hip-hop pedagogy to demystify personal finance and help students take control of their relationship with money. He’s rocked (performed/taught/keynoted) everywhere from conferences like AFCPE and Prosperity Now, to stages like SXSW and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, to classrooms that range from Yale to your cousin’s living room. He also co-hosts the Brunch & Budget podcast, which discusses personal finance and racial economic inclusion.

About Our Partners

Brunch & Budget provides affordable financial planning for young professionals. What would you do tomorrow if you knew your money was handled today? Book your first brunch and find out!

  • November 09, 2021 at 1:00pm – 2pm
  • Angela Chen