Accessibility in UX Design

As the world becomes more connected, it is important for web and interface design to be accessible to as many as possible. What are the best practices for inclusive design? Where should designers look for tips and tricks to improve? How can companies and organizations support their designers efforts to create more accessibility? What does it mean to be human centered?

Join us for this virtual event where we speak to some top designers about how to best answer these questions and continue to improve design for a more interconnected, inclusive, and accessible world.


About the Instructor

Josh Kim Photo

Senior Designer, Ad Hoc

Josh (he/him) is an IAAP certified web accessibility specialist (WAS) and senior designer at Ad Hoc. Currently, he's helping product teams shift accessibility left at Veterans Affairs through inclusive research.

Steve Arrington Photo

Principal Product Designer, Cvent

Steve Arrington is a principal product designer based in Arlington, VA who found his way into UX through educational curriculum design. Steve is currently at Cvent - an event planning SAAS provider - where through his work on their design system he found his passion for accessibility, and currently leads efforts to standardize practices. After hours, Steve loves whitewater and lives for traveling.

Jennifer Strickland Photo

Senior Human Center Design, Accessibility Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

With more than 25 years of experience in a variety of mediums, Jennifer has led product teams and served in nearly every role in the product lifecycle. With an intersectional identity of a multi-racial ethnicity and invisible disabilities, they experience a lot of exclusion. Prioritizing inclusion, Jennifer aims to ensure no one is excluded from products and services from the beginning. Inclusion as culture, not a feature to be backlogged.

Additionally, Jennifer is an invited expert with the W3C, serves on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Working Group, finalizing WCAG 2.2, drafting WCAG 3.0, and a co-lead of the Structured Content sub-group. She volunteers with a number of organizations such as the U.S. Digital Response, AIGA DC (2021 DotGov Programming Director, IxDA DC (organizer), UXPA DC, and speaks on inclusion, accessibility, web performance, and CSS at a variety of events.

Caitlyn Mayers Photo

Creative Director & Accessibility Lead, CapTech Consulting

Caitlyn Mayers is a visual designer with over a decade of experience creating digital experiences. Caitlyn currently serves as a Creative Director and Accessibility Lead at CapTech Consulting and is a passionate advocate for Accessibility and Inclusive Design practices. You can connect with Caitlyn via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Sam Joehl Photo

Principal Accessibility Consultant, Level Access

Sam brings over 14 years of experience in the professional accessibility industry as a principal accessibility consultant with Level access, providing support to a wide range of organizations in the public and private sector. His contributions in the accessibility field have ranged from providing testing, technical and strategic consulting, training, professional speaking, and policy development. Sam has an extensive holistic knowledge of assistive technologies, accessibility standards, and solutions for accessible web, mobile and desktop applications, electronic documents, multimedia, and hardware. He is an advocate for accessible technology and environments through consumer advocacy organizations and grassroots accessibility groups.