A UXer's Lense: Why Accessibility is Everyone's Responsibility

In our monthly event series with thelighthouse, this time, we've got Holly Schroeder on board to talk all things accessibility within UX and the Fintech world and you'll get a taste of a day in the life of a UX practitioner.


  • How to set and achieve career goals

  • Tips on networking

  • The latest on being a leader

About the Instructor

Courtney Brand Photo

Founder & CEO, thelighthouse

Courtney Brand is the Founder and CEO of thelighthouse. Prior to thelighthouse, she worked as a Management Consultant for 5 years in New York, Shanghai, and Beijing, selling and delivering work to top clients including Alibaba, Apple, Mercedes, Porsche, and Danone. After working for two years in New York, Courtney was transferred to PwC’s Shanghai office to help launch the firm’s new digital and innovation consulting practice in China which became the second highest revenue-generating team. As the Founder and CEO of thelighthouse, she is working to empower professionals with the network, insights, and support to thrive in their ever-changing careers and the fast changing world of work. She speaks Mandarin Chinese and French and graduated from Georgetown University.

Holly Schroeder Photo

UX Researcher, HealthTech

Holly Schroeder is a UX researcher working in health tech, instructor, writer, and artist. Her interest in what makes people tick transformed into a passion in elementary school when she swiped her mom's RCA cassette recorder to play "interview."

She believes accessibility is the secret sauce for awesome products. Recently, she authored a chapter on accessibility for 97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know published by O’Reilly Media.

On the southside of St. Louis, MO, Holly and her husband spend their days catering to the whims of their crew of spoiled rescue pets. Holly loves people, animals, art, projects, nerdy stuff, rabbit holes, and exploring nature.

Holly is co-president of the St. Louis Experience Meetup group and a mentor for ADPList. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Missouri in St. Louis, Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management from Washington University in St. Louis, and certificates in UX and Web Development.

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